Andrew Findlay Missing Update 2023: What Happened to Andrew Findlay?

An update on missing Andrew Findlay is shared here, with the tragic discovery of the body of art dealer Tim Klingender from a fishing boat at the foot of The Gap, Andrew Findlay, 51, remains missing.

Who is Andrew Findlay?

Andrew Findlay, aged 51, was a prominent technology entrepreneur known for his innovative ventures and contributions to the industry. As a father of three, Findlay’s life was marked by his dedication to both his family and his career. Tragically, however, his life took a devastating turn when he suffered a serious boating accident near Sydney’s east coast.

The incident happened in waters near Watsons Bay, where the boat carrying Andrew Findlay and well-known art dealer Tim Klingender capsized, prompting a desperate search and rescue operation. Despite extensive efforts by authorities over three days, Andrew Findlay was not found and the search was scaled back, assuming he was dead.

Tragically, Tim Klingender’s life was taken in an accident and his body was recovered from the scene, causing deep sadness and concern among those who knew them.

Andrew Findlay Missing 2023 update

The search is on for tech entrepreneur Andrew Findlay following a tragic boating accident off the shores of Sydney Harbour. The incident, which also claimed the life of well-known art dealer Tim Klingender, occurred when their fishing boat crashed on rocks near Watsons Bay. The body of Tim Klingender, aged 59, was recovered from the scene, but Andrew Findlay, aged 51, is still missing.

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Authorities are continuing their search and rescue efforts to locate Andrew Findlay, but his current whereabouts have yet to be determined. The boat, identified as a Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB), was found overturned and smashed on the rocks at the foot of The Gap, leading police to believe that large waves from the cliffs may have caused the capsize.

As the investigation continues, family, friends and the public await further updates on Andrew Findlay’s situation, hoping for a positive outcome amid the sadness and uncertainty surrounding this tragic accident.

Police Superintendent Joe McNulty said

“We are still continuing to search for the other male person from that shipwreck. We have expanded the search area to five nautical miles, nine kilometers offshore.”

What happened to Andrew Findlay?

IT entrepreneur Andrew Findlay, 51, is believed to have died in a tragic boating accident near Sydney Harbor after he and his friend, art dealer Tim Klingender, embarked on a fatal journey on a 7.8m inflatable boat. The incident happened near Watsons Bay, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, when their boat was hit by huge waves 5 meters high off Bondi, leading to a devastating collision. The body of Tim Klingender, 59, was found in the water on Thursday, while Andrew Findlay is still missing.

Despite extensive search and rescue efforts, authorities have scaled back the search for Andrew Findlay, admitting there is no hope of finding him alive. It was discovered that neither Andrew Findlay nor Tim Klingender were wearing life jackets at the time of the accident, making the situation even worse. The wreckage of the boat was discovered near The Gap, a place known for its dangerous waters, which makes the circumstances of the accident even more tragic.

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As family, friends and community grapple with grief, the search for Andrew Findlay continues in hopes of bringing closure to this heartbreaking event. The loss of a beloved friend and entrepreneur has left a deep impact, leaving many to mourn the tragic loss of Andrew Findlay and Tim Klingender.

Has Andrew Findlay been found?

Andrew Findlay is presumed dead. The tech entrepreneur is still missing and the search for him continues in Sydney. He is believed to have been on the same fishing boat that crashed on the rocks in Watsons Bay, where the body of art dealer Tim Klingender was tragically found. A fishing boat was discovered capsized and wrecked on the rocks at the foot of The Gap in Watsons Bay.

Authorities, including the police, are actively searching for Andrew Findlay, since he has been missing since the accident on the boat. The search area has been expanded to five nautical miles, roughly nine kilometers from the coast, as authorities continue to investigate all possibilities.

The accident occurred when the men’s rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB) capsized due to a large wave from the cliffs, making the search and rescue operation even more challenging. The community, along with family and friends, are anxiously awaiting any updates on the whereabouts of Andrew Findlay as efforts continue to locate him and bring an end to this tragic incident.

The cause of the shipwreck

The cause of the boating accident involving Andrew Findlay and Tim Klingender was attributed to violent sea conditions and the impact of large waves. The two men set out fishing from Sydney Heads at around 7:30am, traveling from Bondi towards Watsons Bay. During the journey, they encountered waves up to five meters high, which pushed the vessel into the rocks, which ultimately led to the capsize of the ship.

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Chief Joe McNulty of the Maritime Area Command revealed that both men were thrown into the ocean when the boat overturned due to the force of the large wave. The incident occurred in July, and despite search efforts, the time frame for survival, taking into account the water temperature at the time, has expired. Unfortunately, none of the men were wearing a life jacket at the time of the accident.

Although the boat, a 7.8-metre inflatable dinghy, was not found to be faulty, authorities believe the accident could potentially have been avoided if the couple had traveled a safer distance from the Watsons Bay cliff. The violent sea conditions and proximity to the cliff probably contributed to the tragic outcome of the boating incident, which left the community mourning the loss of Tim Klingender and eagerly awaiting news of Andrew Findlay.

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