Are you an emoji mastermind? Try to beat brain-straining quiz in 10 seconds

Do you use emojis at every available opportunity? Would you consider yourself a mastermind?

The new TikTok has users racking their brains for answers to tricky emoji quiz clues.


The TikTok trivia site posted a movie emoji quiz Credit: Getty Images – Getty

TikTok viewers guess movie titles using only emojis as clues.

“Can you name a movie after emojis?” the video asks.

The ten-question quiz features arrangements of two to four emojis that are supposed to evoke a particular movie.

The video was posted by GetQuizzyLiving, a TikTok site dedicated solely to trivia.

The short quiz has over 11,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

The quiz has an equal number of old movie hits and newer big budget movies.

The spectator has five seconds to guess before the answer is revealed.

Of course, the quiz is based on an honor system because viewers aren’t faced with questions like they would in a trivia app.

how much did you get

Emojis are a complex way of conveying thoughts: they’re like modern hieroglyphs in the way they can be interpreted.

A study from the University of Illinois found that people can read emoji fluently enough to understand irony and sarcasm.

An engineer posted an article on Medium suggesting that emojis are the next evolutionary step for internet slang like “lol” or “xoxo.”

This TikTok quiz uses only emojis to convey the most dominant themes or words in the entire movie.

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