Batman Hilariously Mocks The Joker’s Most Iconic Motto

Warning: Spoiler for Batman/Superman: World’s Best #12 From the very beginning, Batman opposed Joker about “”terrible day‘ is the only thing that separates the two enemies. Now, after Robin had to endure one of the most humiliating nights of his career, Batman has once again shown just how ridiculous his opponent’s philosophy really is.

Mark Waid and Emanuela Lupacchino’s Batman/Superman: World’s Best #12 Focuses on the date between Supergirl and Robin, which has been revealed throughout the series. Everything known about the date so far is so bad that the two are still awkward about it. The issue details the outfit combinations, nasty comments, rude behavior, weird crises and money mishaps that made the infamous date a business outing. royal for the lackluster duo. When Dick Grayson tried to adopt a brand new superhero character (calledblack Eagle“Based on Nightwing’s infamous Discowing costume sketch), Batman tells his sidekick, “I won’t let you change your identity after a bad day.

Batman thinks the Joker is “terrible day“Philosophy is absurd”

Batman: Deadly Joke The entry by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland is an important development in the dynamic between Batman and Joker, telling a story that expands on the latter both past and present. Although the story presents only one Feasibility clown origin, Killer clownThe Joker Prince of Crime flashbacks have been largely accepted by fans and creators alike as a great storyline for the Clown Crime Prince. Killer clown Highlights a particularly bad day in the Joker’s life when he was a struggling stand-up comedian while his wife was pregnant. After a series of catastrophic accidents left him with nothing, the comedian switched to the Joker, making him Batman’s arch-nemesis. This leads to one of the Joker’s great philosophies: Everyone, including Batman, just needs to “terrible day“Go crazy like him.

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Do you have a reference”a bad dayWhether Bruce did it on purpose or not, Wade clearly winked at one of the Joker’s most famous lines. At the same time, it reiterates Batman’s stance that a bad day shouldn’t be Enough to make someone change themselves for the worse. As far as Bruce Wayne is known, his bad day has clearly molded him into the force of good he brings to Gotham City. Killer clown Also, Joker’s inability to drive Commissioner Gordon crazy is another example of a bad day that doesn’t suddenly turn a good person into evil. Joker’s Bad Day Production Philosophy for Batman Whatever he does, he always escapes. Here he gleefully urges his Boy Wonder not to apply the Joker’s twisted logic to his own failed date, guiding Dick out of his provocative new role.

Batman makes Robin great after dating disaster

After a failed date with Supergirl, Batman approached Robin to try to create a new character in the Batcave.

In a way, this”a bad dayAfter all, this may be the source of one aspect of Robin’s personality: his charisma. Instead of making Wonder Boy a darker superhero, Batman urges his companion to cultivate himself into the charismatic hero of today’s DC universe. The Joker may be ruined by a bad day, but Batman proves once again how ridiculous that philosophy is by pointing out that Robin only had one bad day to be his best self.

Batman/Superman: World’s Best #12 Now available from DC Comics.

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