Below Deck: Why Kate Chastain Won’t Reveal Every Detail Of Her Pregnancy

below deck Star Kate Chastain is currently pregnant with her first child, but there are a few things she won’t share about her pregnancy with fans.Kate is the chief stewardess below deck As of season two, it was announced that she would not return after season seven. While Kate received mixed reviews throughout the season, she became a regular member of the team and a right-hand man to captain Lee Rosbach. While Kate has always been an open book, she seems to have learned to keep some things under wraps since her departure.

below deck The fan-favorite Kate has gone through some rough patches in the past on the show and in her personal life. In 2016, Kate was accused of domestic violence against her ex-boyfriend, Roy Hernandez, and said the incident made her value her privacy even more.Although Kate has always been a controversial figure below deck, there have been moments that she’s not proud of, and she doesn’t intend for her children to watch her time on a reality show. She knew that one day she would have to explain this to her unborn child, which only made her want to keep their lives more private.

Kate hopes Captain Lee and Mary Anne will be extra grandparents

Captain Lee and Kate have a special relationship and he is one of the first people to know her exciting with ETKate recalled calling Lee and asking him to call her back when she was alone. Captain Lee is ecstatic for Kate, but also tight-lipped about revealing the details. She went on to say that she wanted Lee and Mary Anne Rosbach to be additional grandparents to her children, but made it clear that Lee would not be making diapers. Nannying was still a possibility, and there was no doubt that Lee and Mary Anne would spoil the fun.

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Kate knows baby’s gender

Kate also said her pregnancy was quite easy compared to most. She said she can’t wait to welcome mini-Kate Chastain in May 2023 and joked she was excited to be able to drink martinis again.Kate went on to say that although she would have loved to tell below deck Fans are paying attention to how things happened and who her baby daddy is, but she wants to respect her child and said it’s not information she can share.

While fans are hungry for scoops, Kate wants to protect her unborn child and their business. Kate also knows whether she’s having a boy or a girl, but she’s keeping it a secret for now. Kate also said she will post photos of her adorable baby on social media and won’t be that mom who hides her baby’s face.

Kate’s dozen years of yachting experience will come in handy when raising her children, but it seems she has no plans for them to follow in her footsteps.although below deck Fans were eager to learn more details about her pregnancy, and it was clear Kate wanted her baby to stay out of the spotlight.Kate won’t let her kids get into the world of yachting, but below deck It’s still possible to get a new Chief Stew one day.

Source: ET Online, Kate Chastain/Instagram

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