Boys rescue a newborn beluga whale washed ashore by water

The family was on vacation when they saw a newborn beluga whale on the beach. They acted very quickly to help the hopeless creature.

They are in Canada aboard the St. Lawrence when the accident happened. A boy named Nicholas Miliard and his brother saved a newborn whale.

They did not hesitate a moment. The family is from Quebec. They called a rescue organization for help. They poured water over the whale so it wouldn’t dry out until experts arrived.

They even dug a hole for water to flow in and moisten the whale’s skin. Experts came and brought the whale back to the surface.

The beluga whale will be fed and meet his mother. Without the support of the mother, the newborn beluga whale would not be able to survive.

Thanks to these two boys, the newborn beluga whale was saved and will live happily ever after. These people really care and are real heroes.

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