Brain teaser challenge: Would you have an owl eye if you said which column was darker in 11 seconds?

Brain Teaser Challenge: If you are looking for a mind test to test your perception and vision, you have come to the right place. Today, we bring you an intense brain challenge that is sure to make your brain crushed. If you want to wake up every nook and cranny of your mind, join this brain challenge.

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A brain teaser challenge

Brain games are a great tool to test many aspects of your overall intelligence, such as your IQ level, observation skills, perception, and vision.

The brain is a special organ without which we cannot live. This is what separates us from other creatures. However, our minds need to be stimulated regularly and effectively from time to time, or else we will start to lose brain cells.

The abuse and addiction of social media and the internet have made our mind sluggish and it is time to regain our lost intelligence. Regularly solving tricky puzzles, optical illusions, and other tricky puzzles is one of the best ways to exercise the beautiful organ on the top of your head.

On that note, check out this fun brain test.

Brain teaser challenge: Which set of boxes is darker?

Source: Brightside

In the image above, you can see a group of columns A and B surrounded by a grid of black and white horizontal lines.

You have to say which frame looks darker, lighter or the same color.

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But remember you only have 11 seconds to give an answer.

So are you ready? Then get ready to dive. You have the eyes of an owl if you can tell exactly which column is darker.

Your time starts now!

The solution to the brainstorming challenge

So have you figured out which set of columns is darker? Check your solution here.

The solution to the brainstorming challenge

Both columns have the same color. They contain rectangular boxes of the same size and are all gray with the same tone. Not darker or lighter.

The mix of black and white horizontal lines distorts your sense of color perception and makes the frames look different.

Light colors look darker when combined with even lighter colors, and the same color looks brighter when combined with a darker tone.

Are you also dumbfounded by this crazy phenomenon? We hope you learned something new and tested your observational and visual skills.

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