Brain teasers with pictures: Would you be smart if you knew which pairs were different in 17 seconds?

Brainstorm Visual Test: If you are looking for a mental strength test to stimulate your brain and vision at the same time, you are at the right place. Today we bring you a great mind puzzle that is sure to awaken every nook and cranny of your mind. If you want to test your cognitive ability, IQ level and observation skills, dive into the following visual brain puzzle solving.

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Visual brain test

The brain is a fascinating organ. It governs every part of our body and performs some basic but essential functions such as thinking, feeling, visualizing, understanding, speaking, etc. However, the mind, like all organs other parts of the body, need healthy stimulation to continue functioning.

This has become quite difficult in this day and age when excessive screen time and social media overstimulate our minds and impair our functions. However, regularly solving tricky puzzles, optical illusions, and other mind-provoking puzzles can bring your mind back to its optimal state.

Visual brain teaser: Which pair is different?

Source: Brightside

In the image above you can see a group of couples. They are identical and dance in tandem. However, one of them is different. You must spot another pair within 17 seconds. Can you do it?

If you do, it will be a sign that you are a real smart person.

Remember you only have 17 seconds to come up with a solution.

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Your time starts now! Good luck!

Solution for visual brainstorming test

So have you discovered another pair in time? Check out the solutions below.

Solution for visual brainstorming test

Second couple in the third row, second from the right. Both are of equal height, unlike other couples where the man is taller.

So, do you have to enjoy solving this unique visual brain puzzle? Hopefully you already know where your intelligence and observation skills lie.

Let us know if you liked this brain teaser in the comments.

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