Breaking Bad: Why Todd Killed The Dirt Bike Kid In Season 5

Todd Alquist commits one of the most brutal murders in the entire process break Bad When he joined season five when he shot and killed a boy in the New Mexico desert, Jesse Plemons quickly transformed that clumsy role into one of the most brutal characters in AMC history. Todd became sworn enemies after running a meth business with Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, and Mike Ehrmantraut. He didn’t survive the end of the series, but Plemons was given the opportunity to further develop Todd’s backstory in the sequel, el camino.

Todd was first introduced in break Bad The fifth season episode is titled “Dangerous Pay”. As the grandson of neo-Nazi gang leader Jack Welker, Todd has many dangerous relationships. He was originally one of the Vamonos Terminators hired by Mike to assist Walt and Jesse in their drug trafficking operation. Because of Todd’s potential, he is quickly recruited to assist in an extremely dangerous train robbery that ends up ruining Walter and Jesse’s lucrative partnership.

Without a supply of methylamine, Walter’s team had to find a way to get the ingredients needed to cook Blue Sky’s signature product. After learning that a freight train in the desert is carrying supplies, Walter, Jesse and Mike decide to start hijacking the train. The plan was to block the tracks, force the train to stop long enough for the group to suck large quantities of methylamine into underground storage tanks, then replace the weight with water. The heist was almost perfect, until the men saw a boy named Drew Sharp ride a buggy to witness their jubilant celebration. Despite not knowing what he had witnessed, Todd quickly killed Drew without hesitation. In Todd’s defense, Walter made it clear that absolutely no one could witness their actions. That said, Todd’s deadly operation isn’t simply about eliminating a witness.

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Todd makes an impulsive decision to impress Walter

Jesse, Todd and Walter standing in the Breaking Bad desert

In Todd’s eyes, Walter is the big drug lord Heisenberg. Despite Walter’s calm, collected demeanor, he did his best to kill those who jeopardized his operations. Todd kills Drew to impress Walter, hoping he doesn’t hesitate to prove himself guilty of murder. The idea makes sense, since Walt sided with Todd, and Jesse and Mike are disgusted that Drew was killed. It is clear that Todd wants Jesse to be Walt’s right-hand man, and this move brings him closer to making that happen.

Eventually, Jesse and Mike parted ways with Walter, and Todd became Walter’s new lab assistant. Although Walt later left the meth business, his loyalty to Todd and Jack ultimately backfired. Todd is overconfident, but he’s also carefree. His killing of Drew is just the beginning of Todd’s sociopathic arc break Bad universe. If Walt had recognized these warning signs, he might not have faced a terrible threat from Jesse or Mike. Instead, Jack’s gang ends up destroying the empire he built and killing his brother-in-law before catching Jesse. So, technically, the events of the child kicking the ground marked the birth of a new force. break Bad douchebag.

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