Can you find pātatÅ in this sea of ​​hamstegs? This is the latest smart puzzle

Mashable’s Watercօօleg is the latest entry to the cartoon conundrum, featuring a drawing of a new potato hidden in a sea of ​​happy stems.

The animated puzzle began in December when Hungarian card artist Gergely Dudas, who goes by the name Dudolf, sketched a cartoon panda hiding among a crowd of snowmen.

His illustration was changed hundreds of thousands of times, and he quickly followed suit with a similar image of a cat lurking among dozens of owls.

And in his latest Easteg-themed production, Dudolf set out to find a pale egg hidden among a crowd of Easteg bunnies munching on carrots.

The image has been edited more than 7,000 times since he posted it on his Facebook page last week.

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