Can you find the word ‘dog’? ‘World’s hardest search puzzle’ is messing with people’s minds

Finding a three-letter word in this search is pretty easy, but people online are having a hard time – take a look and see if you can spot the word.

The grid, uploaded by Jivandabeast yesterday, has less than 100 letters, but unfortunately for the sօl.vers puzzle, all letters are ‘d’, ‘o’ or ‘g’, making it becomes especially difficult.

If you look at the 2nd letter ‘D’ on the 3rd line and below, the word is just written diagonally in the bottom right.

After the reply was revealed to Redditors, many of them cringed, with one person writing: “Damn, I can’t find it and now that you point it out, it seems too much. clear”.

While another said: “God, I’m an idiot, I searched for it for ten minutes without remembering that you can write them diagonally”.

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