Challenge your senses and find 2 differences between the bike pictures in 3 seconds

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Today I introduce to you a Classic visual challengeone of the things that you have definitely enjoyed since childhood: find 2 differences between two seemingly identical illustrations. fever visual personality test and viral game they have conquered many people and it is normal to hang out with them every day. This hobby provides us with fun and relief from everyday stress, while also training our eyesight and challenging our friends, adding competition and fun to the experience.

In the previous days, I shared two fun viral challenges: ‘Show your vision and find the baby’s father in this visual challenge’ and ‘Do you have the best eyesight? Find a horse in 8 seconds’. Now I present to you a photo challenge that has become popular on social media. Although it seems simple, it is actually more complicated than you think. You will only have 3 seconds to find 2 differences between the 2 cartoons that I will show you next.

It encourages visual challenge

Before embarking on our visual challenge, it is important that you know the rule that you must first follow in order to receive a medal if you solve the quiz correctly. I must predict that it is not an easy challenge. Therefore, in order not to spend too much time on the illustrations, I remind you that you should turn on the 3-second countdown timer so as not to exceed it.

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Now, it’s not that simple anymore? But don’t worry, the main thing is that you have fun. So don’t worry if you can’t solve it within that time, because you can renew if you find that you can’t find the key. In this visual challenge you will have to find 2 differences between two pictures of a young woman riding a bicycle. Are you ready? Then trigger the countdown of three, two, one… and the challenge begins!

a visually challenging image

VISION CHALLENGE | Take a close look at the picture of the bike and find 2 differences in record time. |Bright face

An intuitive solution to the challenge

Hehehe. Can you find all the differences in the picture of the bike in 3 seconds? Congratulations to those who were able to identify the difference between both images within the allotted time. If you can’t find the difference, don’t worry, because I will reveal the solution to this puzzle:

CHALLENGE VISION CHALLENGE |  In the two red circles, I put two distinct points between the pictures.CHALLENGE VISION CHALLENGE | In the two red circles, I put two distinct points between the pictures.

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