Chef Herrera Wikipedia, edad, Restaurante, Wiki

Chef Herrera Wikipedia, edad, Restaurante, Wiki

Chef Herrera Wikipedia, edad, Restaurante, Wiki – Chef who founded the eateries El To, Paso del Norte, La Fonda San Francisco, and Chef Herrera. He has held a position with MasterChef Mexico. Chef Adrian Herrera is well-known. On February 4th, 1969, Adrian was born in Mexico. Adrian is a well-known and in-demand celebrity who is well-known for being a chef. Adrian Herrera is 49 years old as of 2018. A well-known chef list member is Adrian Herrera.

Chef Herrera Wikipedia, edad, Restaurante, Wiki

Chef Herrera Bio

NameAdrian Herrera
Age (as of 2018)49 years old
Birth Date4-Feb-69
Birth PlaceMexico
Net Worth$100K-$1M 
InstagramClick Here

Chef Herrera News

Chef Adrián Herrera, who is well-known to the public for his participation in several seasons of MasterChef Mexico, shared the moment he was startled by the appearance of a black bear in the middle of Chipinque Park in the town of San Pedro Garza Garcia, in the Mexican state of Nuevo León, on his Instagram account.

And it is that the contentious chef, who is currently off-screen of TV Azteca, the television network where he rose to fame since the first season of the internationally licenced reality show, shared a few videos in which he documented his encounter with the enormous animal and did not refrain from broadcasting some lofty words, such as what is their style.

He saw the passing of the bear, one of the protected mammals in the national park, while strolling through the nearby natural park. Fortunately, the animal kept moving and, as the entity’s cook subsequently observed, ended up in the trash.

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In the brief video, which has received close to 103 thousand views, Herrera is heard saying, “ndale, pnche handy bear, animal, look nothing else, the wy is very fat.” More information regarding his encounter with the wild animal was provided in the post by the former companion of chefs Betty and José Ramón Castillo on the TV Azteca gastronomy programme:

“I’m spending my vacation days here at Chipinque in peace and tranquilly. and naturally with a bear in it. “Yogi” is the name of the animal in question, and it is a well-known bear in the park. He takes no action. He is loitering, prowling around, and turning the trash cans. It’s enormous and frightening when you first see it, but it’s not a p*to grizzly. We must not forget that it is a wild animal, not a stuffed one, he added.

The cook joked with the animal, who was already adjacent to a pile of trash and apparently hunting for food, in another clip when it was already calmer. You hear him say, “Hey friend, look, turn around, stop the Face, go on.”

Attendees at Chipinque frequently see this group of unidentified, protected, and protected by Animal Protection creatures roaming freely. Since July 2020, photos of a black bear coexisting with people, playing with a cat, and even “stealing” a bag of fried chicken have brought up the problem of the expanding spread and habituation of these species to human settlements in the north of the country.

The practise of some individuals taking “selfies” with a bear while they were on the road close to the wildlife reserve was also criticised. On August 6, 2020, Profepa eventually found and caught the infamous “black bear of Chipinque” after the song went viral.

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The bear, which was captured and identified using a tracking device in the ear, was discovered in the courtyard of a residence in the town of San Pedro Garza Garcia.

Even though the films of black bears interacting with people in the Chipinque Ecological Park in Nuevo León are amusing or emotional, biologists who specialise in these creatures’ behaviour have cautioned of the serious risk they offer.

According to the biologist Guillermo Herrera Pérez, the Chipinque bear has an overall habituation level to people of 9.5 out of 10. He stated that the animal is feeling its prey to determine whether it is edible when it gets close to smelling people. Fortunately, there haven’t been any violent attacks in the encounters so far, but the expert added that the animal has already been trained to go close to that point.

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