China plans to build a third icebreaker and submarine. Learn more about China’s project and ambitions

China is ready to build a third icebreaker This deep-sea submarine will make China the second country in the world to use manned deep-sea submarines for scientific voyages to the bottom of the Arctic.

Project details

Construction of the ship is expected to be completed in 2025. Hainan Provincial Government, Institute of Deep Sea Science and Technology and other organizations are funding the project.

How will this project help?

Submarines will offer the ultimate potential to elevate scientific research to the next level. How will it improve scientific research? Well, the ship will provide transport for researchers to the extremely far and deep seabed. Thus, manned deep-sea submarines will help explore areas that were previously difficult to explore.

What do experts say about icebreakers?

The director of the Naval Equipment and Operations Management Center, Tang Gulashan, said the new icebreaker will focus on manned deep-sea scientific exploration.

He further emphasized the fact that, besides Russia, no other country in the world has succeeded in deploying individuals, with the help of submarines, to the bottom of the polar sea. He further emphasized the essential research value related to the polar regions.

According to some Chinese experts, the plan is for the ship to spend four months each year on special trips to the poles for scientific research. The rest of the year will be devoted to deep-sea exploration in areas such as the South China Sea.

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China’s ambition

China currently operates two icebreakers. These two icebreakers are Xuelong 1 and Xuelong 2. These two icebreakers play an important role in providing food for the seven northern and southern poles of China.

Furthermore, these icebreakers play an important role in supporting research into the ice cap, marine environment and atmospheric composition in the polar regions.

China’s third attempt to build an icebreaker tells the world that it has sought to emulate Russia’s ambitions to build a new-generation fleet of icebreakers.

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Will the new ship help China increase its presence in the Arctic?

In 2018, in an Arctic policy document, China declared itself a “subarctic power”. The country attaches great importance to enhancing energy security as it is determined to shift economic dependence away from coal.

Beijing’s Arctic policy goals revolve around understanding, preserving, developing, and participating in the management of the region.

This policy stems from China’s recognition that the Arctic is of great strategic, environmental and economic importance. It is this meaning that gives China the right to exercise rights related to freedom of navigation, scientific research, cable laying, resource exploitation and fishing activities in the area.

The upcoming Chinese vessel, expected to be delivered in 2025, is expected to conduct manned deep dives in the polar regions that same year.

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