Chris Hemsworth's Private Chef Details What the Star Eats to Prepare for a Role: He 'Is a Big Boy'

Chef Sergio Perera has been working with the ‘Thor’ actor for over a decade

Chris Hemsworth’s private chef, Sergio Perera, details what the star eats in preparation for his blockbuster movies.

Speaking to, Perera told the outlet that the 40-year-old actor will adjust his meals depending on whether he needs to gain weight or lose weight, and that one of his favorite foods is “quality beef”. ”

“Obviously the guy’s a big guy,” Perera said, noting that Hemsworth “needs a lot of protein for the body he’s got.”

“When it comes to building muscle, he just keeps it very clean with a lot of grilling — like meat and vegetables — and keeping it Mediterranean, which includes a lot of olive oil,” the foodie, who appeared on MasterChef Australia, continued.

Adding that Hemsworth’s diet doesn’t include anything “packaged or canned,” Perera also described one meal he would always prepare for the star. which consisted of raw and cooked vegetables, fermented foods, nuts, seeds and lots of good fats with a piece of steak or a large piece of fish,” he said.

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Chris Hemsworth.

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Perera and Hemsworth have been working together for more than a decade, ever since the chef was contacted by the actor’s wife, Elsa Pataky, about working with him.

“He just finished first Thor film and he needed someone to help match his meal plan to his physical requirements,” Perera told “So I got involved.”

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“I would sit down with his trainer, who is one of his closest friends, and we would all work together to come up with goals for Chris,” he continued.

Chris Hemsworth attends Tourism Australia's latest campaign preview at Sydney Opera House on October 30, 2019 in Sydney, Australia

Chris Hemsworth.

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According to the outlet, Perera loved working with Hemsworth so much that he ended up moving to Australia — the actor’s home base — and settled in Byron Bay in 2016.

I went there thinking I would only be there for a few months, but I ended up staying, Perera said.

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