Chris Heria Went Through Years of Legal Battles With His Girlfriend Over Their Son

Chris Heria has gone through years of trials and tribulations that few his age can endure. Unbeknownst to many, the fitness expert won a legal battle for the right to see his son – a feat that only became possible after years of court battles, violent fights and being labeled an ‘attempted murderer’.

Fast facts

Full nameChris Heria
date of birthDecember 21, 1991
Age31 years old
Height/How tall?5 feet 9 inches tall
ProfessionFitness coach
Father’s nameON
Mother’s nameON
Gender identityMale
Is he married?Not
Is he gay?Not
Netto value7 million dollars

How Heria and his girlfriend had a fight

Heria was only 19 years old when his girlfriend at the time became pregnant in 2011. In an attempt to turn over a new leaf, he enrolled in real estate school to get his license and provide a better life for his girlfriend and their child. He proposed to his girlfriend in the hope that she would become his wife. But she flatly refused.

The fitness coach did not burden the subject any further, considering that it is best for his future child to grow up in a safe environment. A few months later, the mother of his child called him back and gave him an ultimatum: marry her or risk never seeing her child again.

She declared that she would not marry her, but that she would continue to be present in the child’s life and take care of him. She immediately blocked all his attempts to contact her. He had no choice but to text the girl’s mother to see how her doctor visits were going. In response, the YouTuber’s mother received a phone call saying she would file a harassment lawsuit. Heria thought he should wait until his son was born before hiring a lawyer.

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Things started to get worse.

Heria traveled to Miami with his new girlfriend while he waited for things to settle down. During their journey, they were attacked by a swarm of bandits. Heria, who had been fighting since childhood, wounded one of his attackers. His persistence overcame the bandits, who abandoned him after threatening to find his house and kill him.

Chris Heria

A few months later, while Heria was on his way to work, five policemen stopped him and arrested him on suspicion of attempted murder. The charges were false, but it took Heria several court appearances and a lump sum of money to clear his name. During the trial, he traveled the world to stay fit and spiritual. The trip, he admits, helped him deal with trials in a positive way.

After years of fighting, Heria was able to see her son

Heria’s years of spiritual and physical discipline paid off handsomely. Not only was he acquitted of attempted murder, but he was also able to see his son, Zen. This was only possible after he spent almost US$20,000 on a lawyer and fought for more than two years to see his son.

Heria now spends time with Zena, often appearing in her father’s fitness videos. September 16, 2020 will celebrate Zen’s ninth birthday. According to his Instagram post from February 2016, it appears that Heria is raising his son together with his mom. The photo shows a couple with their son.

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