Chris Pine’s Rep Definitively Responds to Harry Styles Spit Accusation

Chris Pine responds to Harry Styles rumors as viewers continue to debate what happened don’t worry honey premiere. The duo will star in the upcoming psychological thriller alongside Florence Pugh, directed by Olivia Wilde, Gemma Chan, Kiki Lane and Nick Kroll. don’t worry honey Set in a seemingly idyllic corporate town in 1950s California, Pugh’s Alice Chambers uncovers a dark secret behind the community that eventually leads to her truth being revealed.

don’t worry honey The past few months have been controversial with rumors Wilde broke up with her ex-husband. Ted Russo Star Jason Sudeikis supported dating star Harry Styles during filming. Other rumors suggested that Wilde and Pugh clashed on set, some stemming from Wilde’s relationship with Styles, while others suggested that Pugh had to take on the role of directing the majority of the film. . While the audience is still in the dark about the rumors surrounding the drama, there seems to be a conflict between the two don’t worry honey It doesn’t seem to be as bad as one might think.

After the viral moment at the Venice Film Festival, Chris Pine’s rep responded (via everybody) rumors about Harry Styles spitting at the actor.a video about don’t worry honey One star appeared to spit at her co-star described as “Complete productionRepresentative Pine ensures respect between both parties. Please see the response below:

This is a ridiculous story – completely fabricated and the result of a bizarre online illusion that is clearly deceptive and allows for silly speculation. To clarify, Harry Styles did not defame Chris Pine. Between these two people there is no other than respect, any other implications are a blatant effort to create a set TV series simply do not exist.

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A video of Harry Styles seemingly spitting at Chris Pine has gone viral. don’t worry honeyFans at the Venice Film Festival went viral when they were surprised to see the former One Direction member disrespecting his more experienced film partner. After photos of Pine at the festival started going viral, he appeared distracted in a number of interviews, including one with Styles in which the young actor rambled on. While Pyne’s reps may have wanted to keep peace in the public eye, many have come to believe that the video of Styles appearing to be spitting at Pyne doesn’t show anything coming out of his mouth and that it could be. Just a fan misunderstanding.

Although Pine’s reps have quashed rumors about Harry Styles don’t worry honey After the premiere, the film has not escaped the negative attention of the public. Initial reviews were mostly negative, with a current rating of just 39% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, who praised Pugh’s stellar performance but noted the rest of the film. Psychological horror is largely flawed. It will be interesting to see if viewers agree with the initial reviews don’t worry honey Released September 23.

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