Classic Milwaukee Brewers logo hides secret optical illusion – can you spot what makes this MLB crest so ingenious?

THIS optical illusion hidden in an MLB team badge will make you think you’ve been to the Brew.

Sports logos are often filled with hidden meanings and imagery, as SunSport’s in-depth research on NFL insignia shows.


The Brewers logo is one of the most popular in MLB, but it was removed in 1994Credit: ReutersIt's been a good start to the season for the Brewers, who sit atop the NL Central.


It’s been a good start to the season for the Brewers, who sit atop the NL CentralCredit: Reuters

And none more so than the Milwaukee Brewers, who have arguably the smartest logo in MLB.

The design was extremely popular after it was unveiled in 1978 following a competition open to the public.

More than 2,000 submissions were sent to Brewers headquarters as fans sought a logo design that would last for decades.

And they certainly found one in the hugely popular ‘ball in glove’ design.

Art history student Tom Meinde designed the classic logo depicting a ball in the middle of a baseball glove.

The simplicity of the image should have been striking up close on a button or blown up to enormous size on a billboard.

But it was the cleverly hidden message that Meinde included in the shield that led to the shield being considered one of the best in MLB history.

The stitching on the catcher’s glove actually splits the glove in two, creating two separate letters that are not immediately obvious.

do you see now There is a lowercase letter ‘b’ on the left and ‘m’ on the right.

Beloved by fans and players alike, the Brewers controversially removed the logo for their 25th anniversary in 1994.

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And they went through two more less-loved iterations before returning to the classic design in 2020.

The Wisconsin franchise revived the ‘ball in glove’ logo for its 50th anniversary, adding a rounded edge with the team name as a modern twist.

After a 99-day hiatus, the new MLB season is underway and there has already been drama across the league.

Yankees fans were in hysterics when a fan hit THREE foul balls in one game, leaving his teammate embarrassed and desperate.

And tempers flared at the New York Mets against the St. Louis Cardinals as players and coaches cleared the benches for an all-out brawl.

The iconic Brewers logo returns in 2020


The iconic Brewers logo returns in 2020

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