Cobra Kai: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Johnny Lawrence

Ironically, even though Johnny Lawrence is the villain karate boy (although some firmly believe otherwise), he has become a fan-favorite character. Grand cobra Fans sympathize with whom. In contrast, Daniel LaRusso is seen as an arrogant bully, at least in his rivalry with Johnny.

johnny had some of the funniest moments Kay cobra, Many times, his attitude of ignoring and indifferent to modern technology inadvertently makes him funny. So it’s no surprise that this character can be summed up with some pretty clever memes.

jonny’s story

As mentioned before, Johnny is karate boy In the movie, popular kids bully poor, teenage, innocent kids at school. This meme appears as a fake movie poster with Johnny as the main character.

The idea is to flip the script because Grand cobra That’s right, portraying Johnny as the hero “attacked by the new kid” and “his old friend.” The meme joked that he had no choice but to fight back to protect himself.

trying to put life back together

Even though Johnny had the wrong idea to reopen at first Grand cobrawith his former teacher John Kreese, he finally saw the light and tried to teach the kids to be respectful but also very aggressive. in many ways johnny is a hero Grand cobraHowever, his longtime rival, Daniel LaRusso, has none of that.

As illustrated in this meme, Johnny is looking for a way to make a difference in his life and finds satisfaction in teaching his young children, especially Miguel, everything he does. know about karate. Instead, Daniel and his rival Miyagi Dojo, the dojo he opened only to stop Johnny from succeeding, do everything in their power to stop his enemies from going any further.

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very cute

What do many people think when they walk in? Grand cobra, who didn’t know much about the show, that Johnny Lawrence would be a jerk. Daniel LaRusso will be an adult teenager who has been bullied but still holds a grudge against Johnny. While the last part is correct, the first part is more complicated than that.

As it turned out, Johnny encountered many difficulties and sadness in life, making the fans feel sorry for him. Add to that a humorous nature, inability to keep up with the changes of modern society, a lonely life that makes fans want to take Johnny’s side and blame Daniel for not giving him a chance. As such, the meme perfectly sums up how fans feel after a few episodes of previous seasons.

Come on, be natural!

One of Johnny’s hallmarks is that he’s still alive like he was in the 80s, except for his flat screen TV (which was destroyed in one of the world’s most epic battles). Grand cobra).

So when he went on a date with Ali and Miguel took him shopping, it was one of the best clips on the show and some of the best Johnny Lawrence quotes. Grand cobraThe title of this meme captures the moment wonderfully: in the midst of Johnny’s attempts to appear casual, he often looks like nothing.

Drake knows

These two images of Drake have been memorialized in many memes, including this one about Grand cobra. It accurately represents how fans feel about the character Johnny Lawrence.exist karate boy, by standard movie plot convention, Johnny is the bad guy. So fans will turn their backs on him and look to him, just like Drake did in the top photo.

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But down below, Drake had a smile on his face and looked up in approval at the thought of Johnny. Grand cobra. On that show, Johnny won the hearts of fans and became a fan favorite character.

let’s Dance

It’s the dance between Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence, and they’ve done it many times in every way, not just when they’re fighting. It’s something between their kids, with Johnny envious of Daniel’s relationship with his son Robbie, and Daniel resenting Sam for going to Johnny when he needed it.

There are frequent duels in their dojo, and this affects their students, who are at odds with each other. The dance isn’t always great, but it’s still an intense, non-stop dance.

trouble life

Johnny got into trouble as a kid and things didn’t change much as he got older. A traumatic upbringing involving his stepfather who was never kind to him and a teacher he relied on to teach him to be a cruel and selfish bully has impacted adult life. his. This is why Johnny gets into some of the biggest battles Grand cobra: He is attracted to conflict.

But despite Johnny’s repeated attempts to turn the tide, the reboot Grand cobra And in hopes of turning it into something better, he’s met with opposition each time. Usually, as this meme shows, this leads him down a dark path. A lot of times it leads to things like bar fights and a night in jail.

old school of america

Johnny Lawrence, more than old-school when it comes to his anti-technology, needs Miguel’s help building a social media profile and even doing simple things like learning how to use a computer. He’s also a stereotypical male, and does he reinforce his beliefs and ways karate boy The days of the 80’s.

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That means he likes sexy women, cold beer, muscle cars and heavy metal music, plus old fashioned karate. He is, as the old adage no longer accepted, “a man’s man.” This makes it even more difficult for Johnny to reconcile issues such as male cowardice and “nerd” with allowing girls to practice karate.

try to impress

Johnny is extremely awkward in every situation, from trying to attend a big party with someone the opposite of the person he usually hangs out with, to trying to have the right accent when speaking properly to a teenager. teens, and yes, on a date. He’s completely oblivious to social media and hasn’t really dated in a long time.

When he hangs out with his ex-girlfriend from high school, the conversation turns awkward. He says silly things that make her remember how much she loves him and also shows that he always holds the torch for her. But his getting ready for a date with Miguel is one of Johnny’s funniest scenes in Season 3 Grand cobra.

johnny vs chris

Even as an adult, Johnny finds himself facing his biggest enemy and the only father he has long considered his only father. Thanks in large part to John Cleese, Johnny Lawrence grew up with a distorted view of the world and what it means to be a good, strong person.

This meme shows that just as John Kreese had immense power over Johnny back in the day, he can still wield the same power even decades later. He can make Johnny do what he wants, even if Johnny knows it’s not right.

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