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Mod works only on rooted devices

When we hear the Wild West, we often think of cowboys. They are people who live in the area, wear typical clothes and shoot very well. In this wild and fertile land, fierce gun battles often take place. Over time, their horse’s footprints are always imprinted in the hot sand of the arid desert. Download Crack Shooter and experience what it feels like to be a cowboy with top gun skills.

Crack Shooter is a game with simple but detailed and eye-catching graphics. Bring attractive gameplay, interesting and very easy to operate. Set in the land of the wild and majestic West. This is the house of cowboys, with a strong and gritty temperament. They will have to increase their chances and fight against the destructive enemies that live. They were badly injured and their loved ones were taken away. You will help them take up the gun and destroy the invading alien enemies. Claim freedom for this majestic and vast land. Rescue loved ones captured by aliens.

Download Crack Shooter Mod – Fight the aliens

In the world of Crack Shooter, you play as a cowboy with the ability to use guns. Your mission is to use your beloved gun to destroy all obstacles and enemies in the way. The controls are also easy for beginners to play. Just use the navigation bar to move the character where you need it. You can choose to use the manual fire button or let the selfie mode, just move to dodge. After a period of attack, you will be able to use the character’s special skills. It will allow you to fire a variety of bullets with terrible damage to enemies. Practice masterfully to improve your shooting skills.

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fun adventure

The story follows a group of cowboys who embark on an adventure to explore the Wild West. They found a better life and settled here. Leave civilized life behind and start rolling so you can claim your place on land. Their seemingly peaceful life did not last long. Suddenly one day, disgusting creatures appeared out of nowhere. They crawled out of nowhere and went on a rampage killing everyone around. Destroy all the farms and houses leaving the place in ruins and ruin. Your task is to stand up and destroy them all.

crack shooter apk

Possessing a godly body

In Crack Shooter, you can have many different characters. Each character has its own shape, personality and strength. To have these strong and powerful characters, you must buy them in the store. Use bonuses collected through levels to own them. Or you can complete the daily quests set by the game to be able to collect more rewards. From there you can get more new and special characters. Combine them into a powerful team. Use their nimble transitions in the level to bring victory. Enjoy the Mighty Cowboys collection.

Crack Shooter Mod

different functions

Crack Shooter has very interesting features only in this game. The virtual joystick allows you to dodge and roll any way you want. Use it to avoid dangerous bullets from enemies. Try to accumulate enough ultimate skills for the character to easily destroy enemies on the map. Using them is a smart and smart win. You can also create a lot of interesting and fun combos with your abilities. These combos will help you eliminate enemies more easily in combat. Upgrade yourself to amazing levels to power up and discover your character’s full potential.

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Hack shooting game for free

special weapon

Each different character will have a different gun. During the match, you can flexibly switch between these weapons. It will work in different combat situations. Deal more damage to different enemies in battle. Be a smart player and arrange them well. Use in conjunction with skilled dodging skills. Use them with awesome combos to turn them into destructive weapons. Download Crack Shooter mod now and explore the wild west world. Become a brave cowboy and set out to destroy bloodthirsty monsters. Bring peace and happiness to this beautiful land.

Download Crack Shooter MOD APK (Stupid Enemies) for Android

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