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Counter Strike: Globe Offensive, just hearing the name, any shooter wouldn’t give it much thought. One of the best parts of the Counter-Strike saga as a classic shooting monument. Now, a game called Global Offensive has a similar title on the mobile platform. The name is CSGO Mobile. You will still feel like the original on PC. The only difference is that you can now play anywhere with just your smartphone in hand. I believe many people don’t know much about later mobile games. So let me tell you more.

Optimizing operation and functionality from the PC version to the smartphone is not an easy task. Indeed, it was a bit difficult for CSGO Mobile’s development team. Because there are so many movements and movements of the character, it is difficult to bring it down to a lower device, just a few simple buttons. Fortunately, CSGO Mobile did a pretty good job of this and succeeded. In addition to allowing players to feel the appeal and scale of the original version on PC.

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And then we — gamers eagerly waiting for it, will want to know. How to play CSGO on the phone? Almost all the elements of the original game have been retained so that players can experience it comfortably. Get the exact same vibe as your PC. However, there must be a difference and shortening to best suit the mobile platform. Of course, these actions will be optimized for many different buttons on the screen. Joysticks are used to move. Aim and shoot, reload, run, jump and other buttons are full for players. It just takes some practice and getting used to it.

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Let’s not talk about the functions and graphics that this Mobile version can achieve. We will dive into the important features. How the classic game mode will be designed. How skins and weapons change. Will the map live like it does on PC? They all play an important role. Help extreme gamers and amateur gamers experience. Everyone is free to appreciate and comment positively.

CSGO . mobile APK

weapons are almost the same

It seems that the developers always care about the opinion of the community. And try your best to please them for the best experience. By providing a very familiar look to the weapon. If you are someone who has been exposed to Counter-Strike for a long time. You won’t see any difference in AK47, M4A1, Desert Eagle… most of them keep the same shape, power and performance. There are also a variety of melee weapons, bombs and grenades. Ancillary items such as armor and ballistic helmets are also available.

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Remuneration system is no longer strange

Modes have always been part of the soul of Counter-Strike. When undeniably any mode is familiar to gamers. From the basic mode, to bombing, hostage rescue… the only difference is that they will be designed to be more suitable for small smartphones. What matters is how much percentage is preserved in the sample. In order not to disappoint players. Or at least the changes are unrelated to the original. But attractive enough to entice players. Currently only bomb mode is updated. So we have every reason to look forward to the next mode of CSGO Mobile.

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Familiar map and interface

In order not to affect the capacity of the mobile phone, the map will be slightly changed. They will stay the same size to create familiarity. And the memory of you while playing. We currently have 4 maps: Legendary Dust 2, Mirage, Cache and Inferno. Other maps will also continue to be updated in the near future. As for the character interface, it has now been completely changed to match the style of mobile games. This innovation has received much praise and criticism. However, this is a necessary change to create a more diverse environment for future platforms.

CSGO mobile game mode

So do you accept redo on this mobile platform? Some people will think that this is actually just a shortened version on PC, nothing more, nothing less. But we still need time to prove that CSGO Mobile is an indie game. Get PC-like details and features. But this is to cater to a large audience. People are often too busy to sit in front of the computer. The only thing we can do is actively support the developers. It will be worth it for CSGO Mobile mods to have more improvements in the future.

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