“D1CE” Is Said To Have Dissolved After Being Active For Almost Four Years

The five-member K-pop boy group D1CE officially split on January 20, 2023, after being active for the majority of their careers. The trio, formed by D1CE Entertainment, made their debut on August 19, 2019, with their EP, Wake Up: Roll the World. However, as their contract with the agency expired, all five members left the firm, and the group disintegrated at the same time. D1CE’s official Twitter account announced the group’s disbandment, tweeting:

“D1CE Exclusive Contract Expiration Information: Please see the fan café message for further information.”

The revelation surprised their fans, who had not expected it. Given that all of the members, with the exception of the youngest, Jin-young, are still doing their necessary military duty, the disbandment came as a surprise to many fans. D1CE is well-known for its extensive discography. DON1Ys (D1CE fans) were worried about the true cause for their disbandment, despite their impressive development. One Twitter user wrote on the platform:


Fans are concerned over the unexpected disbandment of the K-pop boy band D1CE.

While the K-pop boy band has been active for over four years, most fans have known the guys since they were on the reality survival TV series Produce 101, Boys24, and MIXNINE. However, when the unexpected news of their disbandment reached their followers, they expressed their worries over the situation. Simultaneously, the fans raised concern over their inability to properly farewell the members since the majority of them are now in the military.

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However, other fans have shifted the blame to their agency, D1CE Entertainment. Despite the boy group’s hard work and effort in carving out a niche for themselves in the K-pop market, DON1Ys think that their business hasn’t done them credit. From promotions to external scheduling, fans believe that the K-pop trio deserves far more from their agency, considering that their agency handles the majority of their representation. On that point, fans naturally expect that the members would resurface under a different banner, since most of the fanbase liked and respected their music.

The five-member K-pop boy group’s most recent official return was DRAW YOU: REMEMBER ME in 2020, which was well appreciated by fans. However, other than a few songs like Good Day and OSTs like Mad For Each Other, the group wasn’t very busy after their return. Around 2020-21, the members began to gradually enroll for their required military conscription, reducing their engagement with fans and the distribution of their work even more.

Fans also claim that this grew as a result of their events not being properly scheduled. Given that they were a newly formed band, there was a brief professional hiatus as the group figured out their position in the music business. Furthermore, the comebacks were staged far apart from one another, which may be dangerous for a rookie bunch. As more individuals express their worries over the abrupt disbandment of a boy band with a lot of promise, Twitter is swamped with fans’ responses, thoughts, and fears, making it a hot topic. While the news is mostly depressing, supporters wish the members success in their future undertakings and promise to support them no matter what route they choose.

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photos in articles about d1ce’s disband 🥲 can’t believe it was 3 years ago !! pic.twitter.com/8rvq7ROZjG

— rina (@jikseon_pd) January 20, 2023

D1CE has announced that their contracts have expired and they have unfortunately disbanded. We wish them the best in their future careers!@officialD1CE #D1CE pic.twitter.com/PvmdKUzxeL

— NUGU BOYS! (@nugubgs_) January 20, 2023

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