Daredevil’s Peter Shinkoda Lost Money to Prevent Nobu Recasting

Actor Peter Shinkoda Details How He Spent Thousands Of Dollars To Stop Marvel From Reimaging His Nobu Yoshioka Character Reckless. The show, which first premiered on Netflix in 2015, follows the adventures of Matt Murdoch, aka Daredevil. Despite rave reviews and becoming a fan favorite, reckless Canceled in 2018.

Shinkoda is an actor who especially shines as Nobu, the leader of The Hand. However, Shinkoda has spoken out about Marvel Television’s preference for plot cuts with Asian characters previously. More specifically, Shinkoda said at SaveDareDevilCon that although Nobu continues to be popular with fans, Marvel Television head Jeph Loeb continues to veto stories that focus on Asian characters and not for Nobu. appear whenever possible.

Currently, Shinkoda elaborate more on him and reckless, Said on Twitter that Marvel Television forced him to pay large sums of money out of pocket for filming. In a scathing Twitter thread, Shinkoda wrote that Marvel TV threatened to use “Another Asian” And issue an ultimatum”5pm or we choose someone else. ” As a result, Shinkoda was forced to pay thousands of dollars – including a US$5,000 license fee and a multi-episode trip – to keep his Nobu spot. Below you can view Shinkoda’s full tweets:

Although Shinkoda insisted on asking for reimbursement of expenses, his request was repeatedly denied. He also detailed his last-minute reschedule experience, saying that he was going to New York just to film.”Cancel and reschedule after 10 days,” Forced him to buy a plane ticket back to Los Angeles. Shinkoda emphasizes that all expenses are self-pay, although reckless Great success. In this way, what happened to Shinkoda only further highlights the discriminatory nature of Marvel TV, which he has criticized before.

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Shinkoda said this is just the beginning of Marvel Television’s discriminatory practices; The actor also publicly stated that he and Asian actress Weijing Ho were not invited to participate reckless Part 2 premieres. Instead, the couple only heard about the incident during a live broadcast. Shinkoda’s story introduces the disturbing undertones of Marvel Television; while the company was supposed to push for more diverse stories, it seemed to be just a facade and minority actors continued to be subjected to racism on set. It’s clear that Marvel — regardless of the diversity-friendly narrative it’s selling — still has a long way to go. That being said, it goes without saying that both Peter Shinkoda and his character Shin Yoshioka deserve better.

source: Peter Shinkoda/Twitter

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