Destiny 2: All Darkness Rift Locations for No Peeking Triumph

The Darkness Rifts are one of the many secrets that Savathûn’s Throne World has to offer in Destiny 2, and finding every location will allow players to claim the No Peeking Triumph. Secrets like Darkness Rifts, Lucent Moths, Deepsight tiers, and more are what help make The Witch Queen destination so exciting, as they offer incentives for players to explore every square inch of the location. In total, there are 10 different Darkness Rift locations that players need to find, and locating every one of them is required in order to unlock the Gumshoe title and complete The Witch Queen seal.

Before all of the Darkness Rift locations can be closed around the Throne World, players will need to unlock the new Parasite Exotic Grenade Launcher in Destiny 2. This weapon can only be earned through the “Of Queens and Worms” Exotic quest that takes place immediately after The Witch Queen campaign has been completed. It’s a 17-step quest that takes roughly two or three hours to complete at most, but the reason why it’s needed is because of the Worm’s Byproduct Exotic Trait. This trait makes players stronger if they damage themselves with the Grenade Launcher, but it’s also the effect needed to seal the Darkness Rifts in Destiny 2. Once the effects are in place, players can shoot the Darkness Rifts with any weapon.

Players may have already discovered several locations for some of the Darkness Rifts as they completed the campaign and other Throne World quests in Destiny 2, as the rifts look like a small tear in the fabric of reality. Additionally, any Guardian who has shot at one without the Parasite buff would have received the “Immune” prompt as well. In order to close the Darkness Rifts, players will need to shoot Parasite near their feet to apply the buff, then shoot the rifts to damage and close them.

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Destiny 2: Where To Find All Of The Darkness Rift Locations

The first Darkness Rift location can be found inside the Extraction Lost Sector in Quagmire. After reaching the end of the Lost Sector, look above the chest to find the Darkness Rift above. Similarly, the Sepulcher Lost Sector in the Florescent Canal also contains a rift at the final chest, albeit to the left when facing the chest. As expected, there is also a Darkness Rift location in the Metamorphosis Lost Sector in the Miasma, but it’s a bit trickier to reach.

The Come To Pass Auto Rifle, or another automatic weapon in Destiny 2, will make destroying the Metamorphosis Darkness Rift easier, as there isn’t much time to destroy it. After clearing the Lost Sector but before heading up the lift the returns players to the entrance, apply the Worm’s Byproduct buff. Once in the lift, look down and to the right to find the Darkness Rift just as the first cave opening is reached. Failing to shoot this rift will require players to repeat the Lost Sector.

The next Darkness Rift is inside the Temple of the Cunning. Return to the Temple via the Quagmire, and continue along the pathway until the pathway is reached on the right just after the swinging chandeliers. This is the same route that players had to use to escape the Temple during the campaign in The Witch Queen expansion, and they can find the Darkness Rift on a rock ledge to the right inside the archway. The rift location can be seen more easily by standing on top of the rock on the right side of the pathway as well.

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Next, fast travel to the Quagmire landing zone and head southeast to the Alluring Curtain entrance. This Darkness Rift is inside the building on the path to the Florescent Canal. Instead of going through the archway that leads to the location, look toward the right at the first building to find the right. Afterward, continue to the Florescent Canal where the region chest is located, or was located if players already completed the “Trust Goes Both Ways” quest in Destiny 2. Otherwise, it’s the area on the map that juts out to the right of the bridge leading to the Court of Thorns. The next Darkness Rift is behind the lone structure at the end of the platform, so Guardians will need to damage themselves with Parasite and run to the other side along the edge of the building.

Destiny 2: Where To Find All Of The Darkness Rift Locations

The next location is at the Court of Thorns itself. After entering the castle, take the pathway immediately to the right and continue up the stairwell. Continue along the route until, and head down the right side of the bridge until the final pile of leaves is reached. This Darkness Rift may be glitched and not appear at the Witch Queen’s castle in Destiny 2, but players can still get it nonetheless. At the leaf pile, look up at the spike on the left below the dark circle. Shoot the base of the spike to find the immune spot, then apply the Worm’s Byproduct buff to destroy it.

Players can find the next Darkness Rift at the Queen’s Bailey, the same location where they first entered Savathûn’s Throne World. After reaching the area, go up the small flight of stairs to the left and look up to find the Darkness Rift in between the two Thrall statues. Afterward, fast travel back to the Quagmire and head for the Miasma. The next Darkness Rift is at the entrance to the Vow of the Disciple raid on the right side of the right-most statue.

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The final Darkness Rift location can be accessed via The Witch Queen campaign mission called “The Mirror” or through an “Altar of Reflection” quest. After reaching the final room with the memory sequence, head to the middle of the room and look to the left to find the final Darkness Rift. After finding all ten rift locations, the No Peeking Triumph should be awarded. Once all of the Darkness Rifts have been found, players should only need to complete seven more Triumphs to unlock The Witch Queen seal, as both the Darkness Rifts and “Of Queens and Worms” count as one of the nine needed to unlock the seal.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia platforms.

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