Destiny 2: How to Get Duty Bound (& God Rolls)

Witch Queen expanded to Destiny 2 Introducing over 40 new weapons as well as early favorites Destiny 2. Like before It has sunned down and the Duty Binding Kinetic Auto Rifle is considered one of the best weapons destiny 2.Unfortunately, the weapon is Shadowkeep The expansion pack was dropped, so players couldn’t get it or use it in battle for over two years.Fortunately, with the release of Witch QueenBinding of Duty has returned as an exclusive Twilight weapon, with access to all of the best PvE traits introduced since that weapon’s Sunset.

Since the Binding of Duty is a Nightfall exclusive weapon, players can only earn it after completing the weekly Nightfall event during the week that the Binding of Duty drops.Players will want to run Legend or Master difficulty Destiny 2 Weekly twilight quests to have a better chance of getting weapon drops after the event is complete. Players will have to go through a ton of power-ups and XP grinds before attempting Season 16’s Legendary or Master Nightfall. Legendary Nightfalls are capped at a seasonal soft cap of 1550 power level, while master nightfalls are all capped at 1580 power level above the 1560 peak cap.

What makes Duty Bound stand out in PvE is its ease of use and great traits/stats. The weapon has great handling and is easy to control as it fires at 600 RPM.Here is a more controlled and slower firing version Destiny 2 The new Krait, a Rapid-Fre Frame weapon that fires at 720 RPM. While Duy Bound has a slower fire rate than Krait, it does make up for it with heavy punches. Its higher impact can be combined with top damage traits like Berserk and First Fight to create a powerful clearing weapon.

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The God of Duty rolls around in Destiny 2

Player experience:

  • Barrel: Arrow brake or small caliber.
  • Magazines: Precision or additional magazines.
  • Trait 1: Perpetual motion or statistics.
  • Trait 2: Fury, fighting or madness.


  • Barrel: Arrow brake or small caliber.
  • Magazines: Precision or additional magazines.
  • Trait 1: Perpetual motion machine.
  • Feature 2: Dynamic sway reduction or Vorpal weapons.

While the Duty Bound really isn’t much to look forward to in PvP, it’s definitely a top primary weapon in PvE.Players who want to obtain this weapon must go to Destiny 2 Hack playlists and hone Nightfall, while “Mission Must Be Done” is a weekly reward. On higher difficulties, players will receive more drops when using the weapon after completing the event. With some of the best damage buffs in the game to choose from, the carefully selected Duty Bound is sure to be a sought-after weapon.

Destiny 2 Available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

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