Did You Catch The Walking Dead’s First Nude Walker?

Back in February, zombieSpecial effects makeup artist and executive producer Greg Nicotero made his first teaser for the show: a naked walker! it doesn’t get people excited zombie Fans, because it’s hard to get interested in a rotting naked corpse. Furthermore, the nude pedestrian reality reveal is so hyped that you’d be forgiven for not realizing it at all in the latest episode, “The Key”.

Naked zombies appear about three-quarters of the episode’s duration, as Dwight and Simon search for Negan, only to find his wrecked car. The walkers began to falter, while Dwight pondered whether to support Simon’s plan to treat Negan as dead and return to the Saviors. However, in the image where the pedestrian appears, it is far away and often out of focus. Additionally, it has no visible breasts or genitals and is covered in dried blood, which could be mistaken for another dressed undead.

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After the show, Nicotero shared a high-resolution photo of the walker on his Instagram account, which clearly shows why the walker is so nude that it’s not obvious: It had a hole where the genitals should have been. say dieNicotero explains, “There were a few bites that were strategically placed… the man died a painful death

Always thank KNB and my field team @crognalegino @wasnerkevin @somemonsterism @jagar65 when I ask for something like this guy… girl? ? ? ! Post shared by #twd Greg Nicotero (@gnicotero) on March 18, 2018 at 8:44pm PDT

Naked walkers (and their strategic bites) actually represent a rather odd double standard for the kind of adult content zombie Allow display. The gore is a melee: heads are chopped off and punched (bulging eyes, etc.), limbs are severed, characters are shot, flesh is ripped from bones, children die in gruesome ways. and all the rest is carnage. However, the show’s profanity restrictions have only recently been relaxed, and nudity remains taboo. The AMC can show rotting corpses with gruesome wounds, but not breasts or genitals.

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A similar interesting example happened on NBC Hannibal, a scene with two skinned corpses had to be censored digitally because the incision in the corpse’s hip was clearly visible. Showrunner Brian Fuller offered to fix the problem by filling the crack in the corpse’s butt with blood, and the network agreed.

Must stay family friendly!

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zombie Airs Sundays at 9:8 on AMC.

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