Dolly Parton Says Her Style Was Inspired by Women in the Fredericks of Hollywood Catalogs (Exclusive)

Dolly Parton talks openly about her fashion inspirations.

While talking to PEOPLE about teaming up with HSN to pre-order her debut rock album, Rock star – which officially arrives on November 17 – the legendary musician, 77, also talks about how she has the Fredericks of Hollywood catalogs to thank for her style choices.

“I was kind of influenced in those early days, with the women I was seeing, like the loose women in our town, or just the people I was seeing in the magazines and the Frederick’s of Hollywood catalog,” Parton says. “I mean, it was telling me.”

Noting that the look featured in the catalogs “seemed like my style and seemed to fit my personality, so I just went for it,” Parton continues. “I was never one to care as much about what other people thought of me as I did about what I thought of myself, because I figured if I was comfortable in what I was wearing, then people would be comfortable too. around me.”

She adds, “Even though I’m sure people might have been uncomfortable thinking they’d be uncomfortable looking like me, but if I seemed comfortable with it, they were willing to accept it. So I just grew in a business sense like that , to be a little over the top about most things.”

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Dolly Parton.

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For Parton, style has always been in her DNA since she was a little girl.

“I think it’s as much a part of me as anything, because I’m known for my outlandish outfits,” she explains. “I know rock and rollers have always done well, but all my life, even in country, I’ve just had my own style.”

Pointing to his book, Behind the Seams: My Life in Rhinestonesthe “9 to 5” singer says, “It’s kind of a chronicle of my whole life and the fashions and hairstyles I’ve had over the years.”

“I think I’m known for going a little overboard… [and] kind of pushing it to the limit, but hopefully also in good taste,” Parton adds. “But I always just try to be what’s fun for me and what I’m comfortable with.”

Dolly Parton on March 10, 1983

Dolly Parton.

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Currently, Parton has “large warehouses” on her property, where she stores “all the archives and all the stuff I’ve had over the years.”

“I have tanks that people think are barns,” she says with a laugh. “When they come by my house, they see all these huge buildings and they’re like, ‘Oh, I didn’t know you liked horses,’ and I’m like, ‘No, I’ve just been hanging around all these years and that’s my outfit.'”

Parton also hopes her past fashion choices will inspire future generations.

“I see some young people now coming back and pulling some of the things that I did years ago. I think they’re doing that with other celebrities,” she says. “The fans that follow you are just people who follow trends. They keep coming back.”

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Parton concludes, “I think people just like to look back at different people, different times through the years, to see what they wore.”

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