Elden Ring Glitch Makes Some Dogs Stronger Than Bosses

dog Elden Ring One of the most numerous enemies in the game, a glitch has turned some Rotten Wanderers into one-hit kill machines that would make most bosses in the game jealous. While the game earned numerous high-rating reviews, certain glitches and performance issues caused some dissatisfaction among fans, especially when they resulted in the loss of lives and runes.

Since its launch more than a month ago, Elden Ring Several patches have been released to fix specific performance issues, glitches, and balance issues. Players on PC are still experiencing loading issues that cause the game’s framerate to temporarily drop, which can be catastrophic if it occurs during the heat of combat. Certain fixes, including recent buffs and nerfs, have addressed some glitches and rebalanced the game’s weapons, forcing some speedrunners to drastically change their strategies.

Ring of Elden Rotten wandering enemies can strip all dogs of their title of man’s best friend due to a glitch, and even the highest level players will die quickly with extremely fast bleed damage.It is reported small house, the glitch was demonstrated by YouTuber Flame of Ambition. The video shows players approaching a rotting stray dog ​​found in the Twisting Ruins area of ​​the Altus Plateau, with the infected dog quickly killing them with a single hit combo.Although many dogs were found Elden Ring Typically not posing a considerable threat, the attack completely ignores the player’s massive defense and health. The unusually rapid bleed buildup and overlapping sound effects suggest that overly powerful attacks are not what the developers intended for the enemy.

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Some faults found in Ring of Elden Some have successfully broken games, but others have been less destructive and instead brought joy to many players of FromSoftware games. While being overpowered by the mighty dogs of Writheblood Ruins resulted in countless runes being lost to unsuspecting players, there were still many glitches that spread on social media in the form of memes.See a recent example Elden RingThe mount is replaced by the giant’s arrow, which is less endearing than the galloping horse. Most of these unexpected issues should disappear over time as FromSoftware develops patches for the game.

Many enemies will challenge players over the course of hundreds of hours of gameplay Elden Ring Offering plenty of combat, it takes patience and cunning to achieve victory. The game offers a variety of play styles, allowing players to use weapons, magic, and status effects to help customize each player’s experience. Bleed damage has always been a popular tactic for players who want to deal extra damage to powerful enemies, but the glitched Rot Drifter found on the Altus Plateau forces players to feel the pain of countless deaths from player bleed damage The pain of the enemy. hope, Ring of Elden The bug will be fixed soon, but in the meantime, players should be careful in this area.

Ring of Elden Available on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Windows.

Source: Flame of Ambition/YouTube (via Kotaku)

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