Elden Ring: How to Beat Flying Dragon Agheel

The boss battle with the Argyll wyvern is one of the biggest in Limgrave Elden’s ring. Although Dragon Agil doesn’t have many moves, he can quickly take down players who aren’t ready to deal with his moves. The player can find Argyr the Wyvern in the Dragonburn Ruins located in the heart of Lake Argyle in Limgrave. Lake Agheel is located near the first Grace location the player discovered Elden’s ringeast of Ella Church.

When the player approaches the ruins of the burning dragon, the flying dragon Agil will fall from the sky and crash into the middle of the lake. When a match occurs, players should immediately jump on their ghostly steed, Riptide. While it is possible to defeat Mutalisk on foot, it is much easier to kill Mutalisk while riding. Eldon’s Ring Mountain. Argyle dragons often fly in this area so players need to quickly control the distance through the flood water.

When the Argyle Dragon appeared Elden’s ring, the player must keep moving around Lake Argyle to avoid him. Agil, the dragon, has six attacks that the player will have to deal with during the boss battle. The dragon’s attacks are both close and long range so the player cannot escape the boss for a long time. The player must learn the movement patterns of the Argyle dragon in order to properly dodge it and counter it with their own attacks.

Defeat the Argyle Dragon boss in Elden Ring

Elden’s ring Dragon Agil uses the following moves:

  • Trampling Attack: The dragon stomps down with one foot, dealing wide area damage.
  • Bite: The dragon will bite players who attack its back or ankle.
  • Tail Sweep: The dragon raises its right wing and performs a circular sweep.
  • Collapse: The dragon floats in the air, then slams into the player.
  • Exhale Fire: The Dragon breathes out fire in a cone shape. This can cause the boss to be killed in one hit.
  • Breathe fire in the air: The dragon flies around and spits fire from its mouth. He also does this occasionally while moving backwards.
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No matter what character construction the player uses, they must constantly move around the lake in a fast-flowing stream. Players using the close-range melee configuration must directly chase the Argyle wyvern to attack its wings and legs. Ranged players will also want to keep riding around, performing ranged attacks while the Argyle wyvern is relatively stationary on the ground. When the dragon begins to fly, the player must keep moving until it lands.

Once the dragon is on the ground, players should aim for its hind legs and wings, preferably using some of the best weapons available Elden’s ring Early game. If the player continues this pattern, they will only be attacked by stomping, biting, and tail clawing. Constantly moving while attacking the Argyle wyvern will ensure that the player has little chance of being bitten or stepped on, as they only affect the left or right side at a time. When players can repeat this pattern easily, the Argyle Dragon will quickly become the newest boss they defeat. Eldon’s Ring.

Eldon’s Ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and PC.

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