Elden Ring: How To Get Alberich’s Set

Possibly one of the most stylish mage outfits in the world Elden’s ring It was Alberich’s Set, a set of armor found in the royal capital. Alberich’s set is one of those rare magical armor sets, complete with a hat, cape, bracelet, and pants. To get this cool looking gear set, Tarnished must first go to the mid-late game of Leyndell Elden’s ring.

Lyndel is located in the northern half of the continent, east of the Atreus Plateau and northeast of Liernia in the Lake District. Of course, Tarnished had to go through Limgrave, Liurnia and Atlus Plateau to reach this high-class area. Although obtaining Alberich’s suit does not require any elite bosses or mobs to fight, the capital is dangerous for low-level adventurers. It is therefore highly recommended that Tarnished be at least level 80 or higher before entering the walls of the capital. However, there are two main ways to enter Leyndell.

Into the capital city of Liondale, Elden’s ringIn the game, the player must defeat Nagarjuna Sentinel, a challenging boss who guards the overpass that leads to the walls of the northern capital. This method also requires Tarnished to go through the previous area. On the other hand, adventurers can take advantage of the shortcut south of Limgrave. Visit the Return Tower near the southwest coast of the Weeping Peninsula. At the top of the observatory, the protagonist will find a Trapped Chest of the Teleporter to teleport Defilement to Leyndell’s Sacred Bridge.

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Location of Alberich at Elden Ring

To clarify, the player can take the longer but direct route to the Mage armor set, starting at the Place of Grace inside Leyndell’s Lower Capital Church. Therefore, to obtain the Ministry of Alberich Elden’s ring, Stained to leave the capital church and fall down the sewer tunnel near the right. Go down the underpass and turn right into a room with a ladder. There are some hostile creatures along the way, but adventurers should have no problem avoiding a head-on encounter if they keep sprinting. Once on the ladder, climb onto the wings of a fallen giant dragon Elden’s ring Find another ladder that leads to a small staircase.

Run past the knight guarding the top of the stairs, watch out for ambushes in the next building. Dash and roll and jump off the right handrail to encounter the snowman-shaped enemy below. Note the sniper archer on the far left, it can deal massive damage. Being tarnished can use the lever behind them as another entry point later. Next, jump down again and quickly enter the western stronghold. Players may recognize this as the arena where they fought Mad Tongue Alberich in Elden’s ringround table meeting. Go to the corpse at the back of the room and get it to get Alberich’s suit.

Elden’s ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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