Elden Ring: How To Get The Gravel Stone Seal

The gravel seal is a sacred seal Elden’s ring Increases the potency of Dragon Cult spells such as Glaive of Lannseax or Thunderstrike of the Elder Dragon by 15%. This holy mark can be doubled by holding NG+dual, increasing the damage by about 32%. Pressing stones is mainly determined by faith, it is necessary to correctly apply faith 18 Elden’s ring.

To get Gravel Stamp in Elden’s ring, those who were made unclean would need to enter the royal capital Liondale. Explorers can enter the area after they have killed two demigod fragments, such as Godric or Laden. Once they are able to enter the royal capital, the player must reach the path in front of Fort Mansion, Liondell’s version of the Round Table. Here, the Stained Traveler must find and defeat the elite Knight Leyndell, guaranteed to drop the Stone Mark upon death.

Start at the wall of East Durn, and pass the top of the wall guarded by the oracle blowing the horn. The opposite tower has an elevator to the lower floors of the capital, and Tarnished can go to the lower floors. Take Northwest to the main road, then continue southwest until you reach the entrance to Balcony Avenue. Please note Elden’s ring Erdtree Avatar protects this entry point.

Gravel Seal Location in Elden Ring

Next, go up the stairs towards the Capital Residence Elden’s ring. Watch out for Leyndell Archer in the street, it will try to snipe the Tarnished from a distance. At the end of the path, the player can climb the giant dragon carcass wings that cover the city. At the top, Tarnished will find a hollow area in the rubble leading to the ladder. Continue down the stairs to West Capital Rampart Grace Site. Nearby, Tarnished can activate levers to open massive portals that fortify the walls around the manor.

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Later, Elden’s ring Fans must walk along the ramparts to the ground below. In the far northwest corner, there will be two Rendel knights standing guard, one of them an archer. The spears on the way are creatures that drop Gravel Seals.Liondale Knights Elden’s ring Due to their tanks and high DPS attacks, they are difficult to defeat. Therefore, the player should kill the archer on the short wooden platform first or lure the knight holding the holy seal to a deserted place for a 1v1 fight. After the Leyndell Knight is killed, the Tarnished can obtain the Gravel Stone Seal from its corpse.

Elden’s ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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