Elden Ring: How To Get The Meteorite Staff

One of the best early game weapons for mages Elden Ring is the Meteorite Staff, an amphibolite staff proportional to Intelligence, requiring only a stat prerequisite of 18 Int. In addition, the staff can enhance gravity-based magic, such as the gravity well or rock sling spells.The only downside to the Meteor Staff is that it cannot be enhanced or upgraded in any way, while Elden Ring The astrologer’s staff does.

The Meteor Staff is located in the Kelid region east of Limgrave. More specifically, players can find it in the sweltering swamps of the Ruins of Sage Street. However, Ring of Elden Fans may find these ruins of Kelid to be a difficult place to get to, especially for newcomers to Taint. Fortunately, there are specific routes in the starting area that allow players to reach the crew’s location unscathed. Still, there may be a few battles along the way. Therefore, to avoid life-threatening confrontations, players are strongly advised to unlock the Riptide Mount before embarking on the journey.

From Step One’s Land of Grace, head west to the vast marshes of Limgrave. Continue riding until you reach the Burning Dragon Ruins.Find the entrance to the catacombs Ring of Elden. Another stairwell can be found nearby, but the one players should seek out will have several enemy creatures guarding the area.

Elden Ring Meteorite Staff Location Guide

if Ring of Elden If the player wishes to take out a group of enemies near the entrance to the crypt, zombie enemies won’t pose much of a threat. However, these two rabies attack quickly and can become a problem. Make your way down the stairwell carefully, as a pack of mischievous giant rats will be waiting at the bottom. After dodging or defeating enemies, the player will reach a treasure chest at the bottom of the downward tunnel. Open it to teleport to Kelid.

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When players wake up, they will be in a crystal cave filled with enemies Elden Ring. Wait a few seconds for the patrol to pass by, then sneak along the path until you reach the ruins of Grays, the Celia Crystal Tunnel. Turn left and exit the mine into Kelid. Use the rapids and ride along the left bank. Ignoring any mobs, head southwest through Sage Ruins Street until you reach a small staircase. Go up the stairs and around the edge of the building to avoid the poisonous plants inside. Finally, players can retrieve the Meteor Staff from the corpse hanging outside the ledge.

Elden Ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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