Elden Ring: Where To Find Royal Knight’s Resolve

One of the strongest Ashes of War, with power focused on melee and agility built in Elden’s ring It was the Royal Knight’s Determination, a weapon art that increased the weapon’s attack power by 80%. This effect lasts for 10 seconds and takes effect the first time it hits the target. This buff works great for jump attacks or critical/single-shot melee skills. Royal Knight’s Resolve is an upgraded version Elden’s ringAsh of War: Determination, the main difference is increased damage and FP cost.

Get the Royal Knight’s Determination Elden’s ring, Tarnished must find a hidden gallery in the volcanic grounds of Mt Gelmir. Explorers will begin their search at the Grace Ruins at the Prison Town Church, accessed through a secret passage in the first room on the right of the corridor down the hallway from the main room of the manor. After joining the Volcanic Manor clan, the player can enter the room after obtaining the living room key from Tanith.

From the Prison Town Church, the Stained One must make its way through the roofs of the west, through eerie dungeons, to the Lounge of the Site of Grace. They must then descend into the ruins of the village below to reach the cage elevator that leads to the steps of the Shrine of Aiglei. Alternatively, the lift can be used by dying the Virgin Kidnapper under the water wheel Raya Lucaria. Both of the above routes lead to the front of the Aiglei Shrine, but the latter is for those who wish to reach the Royal Knights’ Resolution before reaching the Plateau of Artus.

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Determined Location of the Royal Knights in the Elden Ring

When you reach the steps near the temple, activate the bridge that leads to the church in Prison Town. Next, Tarnished must navigate a small and somewhat complicated platform to reach a ledge guarded by the Virgin Kidnapper. To do this jump, jump onto the nearest chess piece near the crawler on the right side of the bridge. Once on the Ferris wheel, sprint to the extension of the ledge ahead.

Run past the hostile Virgin Kidnapper and enter the open door to the west. Go down the stairs, turn right and go straight to the far room with the fireplace, avoiding the Albinaurics crawling along the way. Elden’s ring Tarnished can rob corpses with the ashes of war: the resolve of a royal knight lies before the hearth.

Elden’s ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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