Elden Ring: Where to Find Samurai Armor

Elden’s ring Players are provided with a large number of beautiful armor sets, one of which is a reed set for novice samurai. However, players who do not want to choose Samurai as their starting class but want to get the Reedlands armor set can purchase it from the Merchant. Eldon’s Ring.Although the defense it offers is a bit heavy, the set is loved by many players for its looks, making it one of the most stylish armor options. Elden’s ring.

The Reedlands set isn’t the only armor associated with samurai Elden’s ring. There is a variation called the “White Reed Suit”, which is similar in many ways but has a very unique headdress consisting of a mask with long white hair. However, getting this set is a bit more complicated than getting the Reedlands armor, as it requires the player to go to the top of the Giant’s Mountain and use two Stone Sword Keys.

Before starting to find the armor of the Reedlands, players should find their trusted companion, Torrent. To unlock this setting Elden’s ring, the player must head north after opening the door leading to the tutorial area outside the Ringgrave. Follow the path north, then west, and the player will find the Field of Grace near the ruins in front of the gate. Using it will cause Melina to appear and give the player a Wraith Steed Whistle, which they can then use to summon their steed, Torrent.

Where to find Reedlands armor in Elden Ring

After obtaining the mount, the player needs to visit Kelid to find a merchant selling Reedlands armor. While the player can travel east of Limgrave to reach Kelled, they should follow the path leaving Stormveil Castle, where the player battles Godric, the first major boss in the game. Eldon’s Ring. This path will lead to the dragon carriage north of Kellid, where the merchant we are looking for is located.

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When the player reaches the area and discovers a very tall tower to the left, they should leave the main road and head straight to the northeast. South of that tower, on a cliff near where the peninsula meets the mainland, is a dilapidated hut where the player can find the heavily hunted NPC. Among other things, Orphan Vendor will be selling the complete Reedlands set for a total of 4500 runes, which may require the player to Elden’s ring.

Eldon’s Ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

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