Emily Osment Reveals She’s Never Actually Watched Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana Alumna Emily Osment admits “badSecrets of Never Watching Her Episodes Starring Miley Cyrus. The show aired on Disney Channel in 2006 and ran until 2011, with four seasons and less than a hundred episodes in total.The show became one of the Disney Channel’s most successful series and featured a 2008 concert film and Hannah Montana: The Movie Released in 2009.The show became the launchpad for Cyrus’ music career, which initially included her album Hannah Montana alter ego before retiring the character at the end of the series.

Osment plays Lily Truscott, the best friend of Miley Stewart (Cyrus) and Oliver Okun (Mitchell Musso). The show follows Miley as she tries to balance her double life as a rock star and an ordinary teenager. In the first episode, Lily learns Miley’s secret and takes on her alter ego, Lola Loewnag, to help her friends.Osment continued to play Lily until Hannah MontanaThe conclusion was even featured in the 2009 movie.

Despite the show’s profound and long-lasting impact, Osment acknowledges chick in office podcast (pass Well!) she has never seen Hannah Montana Completely. Osment recalled watching the premiere because there was a party to celebrate the occasion, but he didn’t feel the same pull to watch the series as many fans did and continues to watch the series on Disney+ of release. Hannah MontanaOsment’s premiere was notable because no one knew what the show would become, and the show’s immediate success changed a lot of things for Osment and her co-stars. Beyond that episode, however, Osment said of the series:

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I can’t even tell you if I’ve seen it. Is that scary?

Osment was in high school Hannah Montana And admits it was a strange time in her life where it was easy to stop being a celebrity. Osment also appears to have had her own double life experience, similar to that of her TV best friend, which caused Cyrus to experience some psychological difficulties.while maintaining series regularity Hannah MontanaOsment has pursued her music career, including a track with Musso, as well as other acting pursuits such as Disney Channel Original Movies dadnap Year 2009. Since her time at Disney, Osment has starred in more sitcom-style shows and refocused on her music under the new alias “Bluebird.”

It’s not uncommon for stars of a production to skip watching the material they’re involved with. For example, Evangeline Lilly recently admitted that despite her role in the Marvel series, she hasn’t seen all of the Marvel movies and TV shows. The reasons for this are many and unique to each actor, but sometimes it comes down to the fact that their relationship with the media is inherently different than their relationship with the audience. Hannah Montana An icon for an entire generation of Disney viewers, it’s understandable that people feel a deep nostalgia for the show. However, viewers also shouldn’t expect actors to hold them so dearly for the same reasons they do in their favorite shows or movies.

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