Every Character’s Counterpart in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 8

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure‘s eighth part is a mirror of its fourth, meaning there are plenty of mirror universe counterparts to classic JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure characters. Being set in Part 4’s Morioh means that JoJolion had the opportunity to show Diamon is Unbreakable’s many characters in wildly different situations and circumstances. While some characters, like Yoshikage Kira, share the same name, others have had a few changes to their names, stands, appearances, or even all three. The result can be a fun read for long-time fans of the series as JoJolion puts a new spin on beloved characters.

Josuke Higashikata: Josefumi Kujo

Despite both part 4 and part 8 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure starring a hero named Josuke Higashikata, they aren’t really the same character. Jojolion‘s Josuke is given that name when he’s found as an amnesiac near the shore. Contrary to how many other counterparts in Part 8, Josuke’s proper alternate universe self is seen only in flashbacks as the amnesia mystery unravels. Josefumi Kujo is shown to have a similar hairstyle to Josuke’s distinctive look, as well as other elements of his appearance such as the peace sign and heart pins on his chest. However, looking beyond initial appearances, Josuke and Joesfumi actually share a lot in common.

Josefumi can be provoked to violence, much like how Josuke is towards comments about his hair. Both are portrayed as loners who are typically kind and friendly, and both were raised by a single mother. While Josuke’s Stand in part 4 is Shining Diamond, Josefumi’s is Soft & Wet, which has very different uses. Contrary to the enmity between Josuke and Yoshikage Kira in part 4, Josefumi and Kira are childhood friends as a result of Kira and his mother, Holly Joestar-Kira, saving his life. Josefumi was unaware of Kira’s murderous tendencies but was wrapped up in other illegal affairs with him, which eventually led both to their deaths before Jojolion’s start.

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Yukako Yamagishi: Karera Sakunami

Among the many Stand users seen in Morioh during part 4 is Yukako Yamagishi, a young woman with long, black hair who becomes obsessed with Josuke’s friend, Koichi. Karera, her counterpart in Jojolion, also has long, black hair, and had an obsessive crush on Josefumi Kujo. Both Yukako and Karera have Stands that involve manipulating hair: Yukako’s is called Love Deluxe and works on her own hair, while Karera’s is Love Love Deluxe, which functions with other people’s hair, further cementing the connection. They also both have a rose theme, with Yukako’s top featuring some rose designs, while Karera has rose florals on her hat.

Yukako is initially an enemy in part 4 due to her obsession, but when she and Koichi develop a real relationship, she becomes aligned with Josuke and company against Jojo Bizarre Adventure‘s most despicable villain Kira. Similarly, Karera is a friend of Josefumi and Kira, working with them in their smuggling plot and barely surviving. Both women are unconcerned with morality, willing to commit a variety of dubious acts like brainwashing and scamming. Some of Yukako’s misdeeds have come back to haunt Karera. While Yukako used her Stand to set a girl on fire in part 4, Karera is briefly set on fire by a villain’s Stand in part 8.

Koichi Hirose: Yasuho Hirose

Some characters have seen much more significant changes than others, however. In part 4, Koichi Hirose is the first ally Josuke makes and the first character he interacts with, gaining a Stand only later on. All of this can also be said of Yasuho Hirose in part 8, in addition to the last name they have in common. Amusingly, while Koichi and Josuke are merely close friends, Yasuho functions as the primary love interest for Jojolion‘s Josuke. The result of these changes might be easy for many fans of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure to miss, but the many similarities that are there make the comparison obvious when they’re pointed out.

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Both characters possess an innocent naïveté which attracts trouble to them. Koichi catches the eye of the largely harmless Yukako whereas Yasuho attracts the attention of Jojolion‘s horrifying villain Tooru. While their Stand abilities are quite different, both are considered to be long-range type Stands. Both Koichi and Yasuho are heavily involved in the story as a result of their relationships with Josuke, and must grow stronger and more competent to survive the dangers this brings with it. Like Josefumi, Yasuho’s mother is a bit of a deadbeat, in stark contrast to the loving mother that her Part 4 counterpart had.

Jotaro Kujo: Kei Nijimura

Perhaps the most substantial change between iterations is Jotaro, the protagonist of Stardust Crusaders. The Clint Eastwood-inspired Jotaro is a tall, hyper-masculine young man. Kei Nijimura, in contrast, is a woman who works for the Higashikata family as a maid. It’s revealed that Kei Nijimura was a fake name (inspired by Keicho Nijimura from part 4), and that she’s truly Kei Kira, daughter of Holly Joestar-Kira. Jotaro’s mother in part 3 is named Holly Kujo, having taken her husband’s last name in that universe rather than hyphenating. Elements of Kei’s design are inspired by Jotaro’s outfit, such as her black hair and odd hat.

Kei’s relationship to the Higashikata family in Jojolion bears similarities to that of Jotaro and Josuke in part 4, as both Kei and Jotaro are from a different branch of the family tree than the other Joestar characters. Unfortunately, Jotaro’s Stand Star Platinum might be a bit too powerful, so it’s no surprise that Kei was given a different Stand. Kei’s Stand, Born This Way, is still powerful though, as it operates autonomously at long range and can freeze the surrounding air. Kei also sports the Joestar family star birthmark, located on her back left shoulder, as it is with Jotaro and most other Joestar characters who possess it.

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These callbacks and references to previous continuity have become a significant element of later Jojo’s parts, most recently manifesting in Part 9 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure bringing back another Part 4 character Kishibe Rohan. They provide a tip of the hat to the most dedicated fans while preventing the series from getting too bogged down in its own lore, as many feared was happening when part 6, Stone Ocean, came to an end. The wide-ranging absurdity of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure extends even to its own history with Part 8’s callbacks to Part 4, which is just one of the features that helped this series to endure.

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