Every Continental Hotel Location In The John Wick Franchise

prestigious assassin John wick The franchise takes place regularly at the Hotel Continental, an international hotel chain that caters exclusively to assassins. Contract killers have to travel a lot to get the job done. The target does not fall on the killer; the killer must come to them. When traveling, they need a quiet place to pay and get a good night’s sleep. Continental offers these services and more, and all they ask is for no murder to happen on their premises – and a nightly fee, of course.

this John wick The series boasts some of the richest world building the action genre has to offer. stubborn die hard And lethal weapon Franchising never goes deep Star Wars– level of knowledge, such as John wick There are movies.this John wick The universe has its own currency, its own code of ethics, and its own murderous hotel chain. Known as Continental Hotels, this hotel chain proved to be an international institution as the franchise expanded around the world. Here is the location of each hotel in the continent John wick So far, the franchise has shown.

new york mainland

most of John wick The series’ continental action takes place in New York City. Managed by Winston Scott, the New York Continental runs smoothly thanks to the excellent instructor Charon. Both Winston and Charlene are longtime friends of John Wick and give him a warm welcome whenever he returns to their branch on the mainland. Charon is also John Wick’s greatest ally, and his role on the Continent is his mythological eponymous role, a ferryman for the underworld.

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a ton of John wick A major storyline in the series takes place at the Continental Hotel in New York. In the first film, when John Wick arrives in New York City to find Joseph Tarasoff to avenge the death of his dog, he stays at the Continental Hotel in New York. He returned to this place. John Wick: Chapter 2 When the villain of the sequel, Santino D’Antonio, decides to hide there indefinitely, using the no-kill rule as a shield to protect himself from John’s wrath. However, he underestimated the anger when John ignored the rules, headed into mainland New York, and then killed Santino on the spot.

The New York Continent Becomes a Battlefield John Wick: Chapter 3 – ParabellumWhen High Table sent a group of goblins to the Continental Hotel to kill John, Winston refused to give up on him, so the goblins infiltrated the hotel. John and Charon, armed to the teeth, tried to fend them off. But victory was short-lived as Winston quickly attacked John and shot him off the roof of the hotel.

The exterior of the Continental New York Hotel was filmed in the Beaver Building at 1 Wall Street Court at the intersection of Wall Street, Pearl Street, and Beaver Street, but the interior was filmed at nearby Delmonico’s Steakhouse at 56 Beaver Street (via robber).

Roman Continent

John looking out from mainland Rome in John Wick Chapter 2

Expanded detailed world construction John Wick: Chapter 2John’s mission is to kill Santino, Gianna D’Antonio’s brother. The blow takes him to Rome, where he clashes with Cassian, her bodyguard. After completing the job, John and Cassian engage in a brutal fight on the streets of the Italian capital. The fight pushed them out of the windows of the Continental Hotel in Rome, where they were politely reminded that business on the Continent was strictly forbidden. So John and Cassian stopped arguing, each ordered a glass of wine at the hotel bar, then they used words instead of fists to resolve the conflict.

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Spaghetti Western icon Franco Nero, famous for original Django, guest star John Wick: Chapter 2 As Julius, the ruler of the Roman continent. This branch plays an important role in the plot of the first part John wick next part. The reaction of the Roma Continental employees to John and Cassian’s fight shows how seriously they take the no-kill rule before John kills Santino at the New York City location later in the film. The Roman Mainland was shot on location near Piazza Venezia overlooking Trajan’s Column (from Forbes).

Moroccan mainland

Halle Berry as Sophia in John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum

exist. . .The Beginning John Wick: Chapter 3 – ParabellumAfter a shocking jump John Wick: Chapter 2John is declared”excommunicationThere is a heavy price on his head. John meets the leader of the criminal organization Ruska Roma and negotiates a safe passage to Casablanca, where he meets his old friend Sofia Azwal. She is a former assassin from Mainland Morocco and the current Director. Due to the hectic schedule during his visit to Morocco, John didn’t get a chance to check out the Casablanca location and try out its facilities.

Sophia never shows up at work John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, but she can be a very powerful and efficient hotel manager. With her efficiency in commanding the attacking dogs, the Continental Hotel in Morocco could run as smoothly as the branches in New York and Rome under Sofia’s management. Being stuck behind the hotel executive desk doesn’t seem to affect her assassin skills in the slightest. When John recruits Sophia to confront a brutal gang of criminals, she doesn’t seem to have lost any of her ability to kill.

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Osaka Continental Hotel

Shimadzu character poster for John Wick Chapter 4

The Osaka location of the Continental Hotel is at John Wick: Chapter 4In the third sequel, John’s vengeful crusade against the High Table aims to end the tyrannical rule of the criminal underworld once and for all, sending him around the world far more than the rest of the world. previous film, from New York City to Osaka, Japan. The Osaka tour includes a stop at the local branch of the Continental Hotel. Hotel Continental Osaka is managed by Koji Shimazu. Like Sofia, this new character appears John Wick: Chapter 4 was another old acquaintance of John’s, a formidable assassin before he started running the Continental.

Los Angeles

Continent Sign in John Wick

The Continental Hotel in Los Angeles has not yet appeared on screen but has been announced as the setting for the series Hotel Continental John wick TV series spin-off (via combine cinema). However, it’s unclear if this Southern California outpost is still part of the show’s plans or its creators are currently focusing on mainland New York. Regardless, the original idea nailed the place. The fact that there is a branch in Los Angeles on the mainland in addition to the branch in New York shows that John wick The universe could have a Continental hotel in every major city in the United States.

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