Every Horror Movie Icon To Receive A Bishoujo Action Figure

These are all horror movie icons treated with sapphire action figures. The ’80s were a particularly busy time for the horror genre, spawning many classic series and villains. Most notable include Friday the 13thintroduced the undefeated Camp Crystal Lake assassin Jason Voorhees to fans of the genre.Wes Craven’s Nightmare on elm street marks the debut of Freddy Krueger, a killer stalking teenagers of their dreams, and Clive Barker’s hell screamer There are demonic Cenobites, led by the now iconic “Lead Cenobite”, AKA Pinhead (which comes in many forms).

Advances in special effects and makeup this decade made horror a very creative moment, but the flood of horror sequels left audiences exhausted. This may explain why the first half of the 1990s was a barren period for the genre, though scream and other movies that helped make it back. Classic movie franchises are also trending again, thanks to movies like Halloween 2018 or scream 2022.

Some horror fans enjoy collecting highly detailed toys from their favorite series, so there’s never a shortage of Michael Myers or Jason Voorhis figurines. One of the more unique horror movie character collections, however, is Kotobukiya’s horror character Bishoujo. “Bishoujo” means “pretty girl” or “cute” and these characters transform popular horror characters into charming female characters. This is the Bishoujo horror character that every horror movie icon could have.

  • Freddy Kruger says: Nightmare on elm street
  • skin face – Texas chainsaw massacre
  • beetle juice – beetle water
  • Ash Williams — Evil Dead 2: Dead by Daylight
  • chucky – child’s play
  • tiffany – Chucky’s Bride
  • Jason Wallis – Friday the 13th
  • You reap what you sow- It
  • Michael Myers says: halloween
  • Edward – Edward Scissors
  • Lucy – ghost catcher
  • a needle – Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth

Some of these horror icons fit perfectly into the Bishoujo horror character concept, and it’s easy to imagine Clive Barker himself approving Pinhead for Bishoujo. hell screams 3 Judgment Order. Of course, making these characters “beautiful” obviously also removes any inherent threat to them. Labeling a character like Edward Scissor in the hands of a horror star on par with Leatherface or Freddy Krueger is also an overkill.

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ghost catcher Devotees may also note that “Lucy” comes from ghost catcher is part of the line. In the Bishoujo Character Horror series, Lucy is a unique character, a new addition to the title team that has never been seen in any other series. ghost catcher Movie. Some figurines also come in a variety of designs, for example the Bishoujo Leatherface statue – which comes with a leather mask – has a “dancing” version depicting the character’s famous final scene from the 1974 original .

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