Every Naruto Hand Sign (& What They Mean)

Being a ninja is tough, even with one bowl of ramen after another. For Naruto Uzumaki’s strange ninja world, the pressure doubles; In addition to handling other ninja classes, he often has to deal with a close friend whose emoji likes to disappear. Some of them may even be too theoretical to be interesting.exist narutoIn this world, especially in Konoha Konoha village, you have to recite a lot of things to become a ninja.

It happened when Ninjutsu and Genjutsu (the two main ninja disciplines in the world) naruto) requires a lot of textbook knowledge. Almost every technique in these two disciplines is based on the twelve basic movements or mudra. With a little math, combinations can be in the millions, even if no duplicates are allowed! Luckily, fans can quickly learn the meaning of these gestures so they can start training the ninja right away. Hey, nobody said being Hokage was easy.

Updated June 30, 2021 by Amanda Bruce: Eagle-eyed Naruto fans will notice that not all jutsu performed in the manga or anime is done with simplicity in mind. They require a lot of practice and specific character movements. Fans who want to learn some of these moves can use the 12 basic gestures used in the series to figure out how to create their favorite jujitsu, though they won’t be able to create the streams. similar magical powers in the real world.

tori (bird)

Tori, or bird, is based on the Chinese zodiac, the rooster. So this naruto The gestures symbolize the wind element or change in the liberating nature of the wind. It allows the user to acquire wind-based ninjutsu techniques. One of the most prominent users of this gesture, or techniques associated with it, is Naruto, especially when using the Rasengan.

The movements are simple, but the movements are fast and precise. The middle and little fingers must form an angled arc and at the same time let the ring and index fingers touch each other; Meanwhile, the thumb needs to touch the tip.

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I (wild boar)

Naruto's hands are clenched into fists with palms facing each other and thumbs pointing outwards forming the symbol of a wild boar.

I, or wild boar, is based on the Chinese zodiac pig. It doesn’t matter to any particular underlying property transformation technique. However, it is essential for the summoning to succeed (the summoning of sentient giant toads was first introduced to Naruto by Jiraiya).

At first glance, it seems simple, but in reality, ninjas can get tense on the first try. They must form a fist and bring their palms together while keeping the forearms parallel to the ground. It is very effective in summoning double carpal tunnel syndrome.

canine (dog)

Naruto created the dog symbol by placing his extended left palm on the clenched fist of his right hand

The Inu, or dog, is unsurprisingly based on the same animal as the Chinese zodiac. Like Tori, gestures are useful in natural transformation techniques; This is for watering.

As a result, many water ninjas, such as Zabuza and Kisame, often use this gesture. Inu is one of the easiest gestures to perform. It simply involves placing the left extended palm on top of the right fist.

Tran (Dragon)

Naruto clasped his palms with his pinkie pointing down and his thumb crossed to form a dragon symbol

Tatsu, also known as dragon, is the Chinese zodiac based on the same creature. It has no elemental attributes attached, which means it doesn’t need to be a precursor to nature transformation ninjutsu. However, when used in conjunction with these, it creates a dragon-shaped symbol of that particular element.

Sure, it’s gimmicky, but at the expense of some of the Ninja’s severely cramp fingers. This move is quite difficult for the average person to do, as it requires alternating four half-closed fingers, with two little fingers protruding from the bottom and touching the fingertips.

rabbit (hare)

Naruto uses his left index finger and thumb to create a gun shape and slides his right pinkie in the middle to create a rabbit symbol.

Hare, or Usagi in Japanese, is the Chinese zodiac based on the rabbit. It is not necessary for basic natural transformations, but Sasuke or Kakashi will often use it when controlling Chidori or the Hand of Thunder.

Gestures are easy on paper, but messy in practice. A ninja can do this by extending the shotgun with the index finger and thumb of his left hand while sliding the little finger of his right hand between them; easy, right?

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Uma (horse)

Palm facing inward, Naruto's index finger pinched together, remaining fingers stacked, knuckles bent, forming a horse pose.

Uma means horse in Japanese and it is based on the zodiac sign of the same animal in the Chinese zodiac. Again, basic natural transformations are not required, but Sasuke often uses hand gestures to achieve his fireball technique. It is also used in magic techniques to dispel illusions.

It’s not as difficult as Tatsu, but the ninja needs to stretch their fingers to do it successfully. The index fingers should be connected by the tips of the fingers while lining up the knuckles of the other, with the correct number always on top. The palm should also face inward.

Cell (monkey)

Naruto places his right palm on top of his left, with his little finger between his thumb and left index finger, to create the monkey symbol.

Saru is the monkey based on the Chinese zodiac. Again, it doesn’t matter to the natural transformation’s release, but Sasuke (again) uses it a lot during the first two stages of his Chidori transformation. Sasuke definitely knows his hand gestures and it helps his fighting ability in the series.

Making Saru is very simple. One only needs to slide the little finger of the right hand between the thumb and index finger of the left hand while bringing the palms together horizontally.


With his left palm facing down and his right hand upright, Naruto crossed the ring and middle fingers of his left hand behind his right hand, forming a bull symbol.

The cow, or bull, is the corresponding animal based on the Chinese zodiac. It is not required to be used in any natural transformation, but many ninja still use the Bull in a variety of firebending or techniques, especially Sasuke and his brother Itachi; basically every big name in the Uchiha genealogy.

Ushi is very powerful when used with Fire Release, but can be disorienting when cast. Ninja must extend all fingers, except thumb, and cross them together without closing. The left hand should be on the outside and the right hand should be on the inside. Then, place the ring and middle fingers of your left hand on the back of your right hand—don’t forget to keep your forearm level!

Ten Nails (RAM)

Naruto places his index and middle fingers together, higher on the left, while the ring and pinky fingers of the left overlap with his right hand, forming a ram sign.

Histuji is based on the Chinese zodiac goat. While not a requirement for the Basic Natural Transform version, Ram may be one of the more popular and iconic gestures. naruto. That’s because Naruto himself used it a lot when summoning his shadow clones.

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Ram is even one of the most noticeable gestures whenever Naruto performs the shadow clone. All a ninja has to do to perform Ram is raise your left and right index and middle fingers, then glue them together and slide your right finger down. They must also place the ring finger and little finger of the left hand on top of the ring finger of the right hand.

NE (mouse)

Naruto points the index and middle fingers of his left hand upwards, then wraps the fingers of his right hand around them to make the mouse sign.

Ne or Nezumi, which means rat in Japanese, is the Chinese zodiac based on the corresponding animal. Like many other gestures, it is also not seriously associated with any natural transformational release, but it is a prominent gesture that Shikamaru comes from the Nara clan. This is an important part of their unique shadow mimicry technique.

Making mouse gestures is easy; The ninja simply lifted the index and middle fingers of the left hand and wrapped the right fingers around them while keeping the left index finger looser than the rest.

MI (snake)

Naruto interlaced his hands and interlaced his fingers, as if praying to make a sign for the snake

Mi is based on the Chinese zodiac snake. This gesture is actually one of the busiest in the franchise, as it relates to the Earth, Lightning, and Timber releases. Because of this, you will often see snakes used in the signature ninjutsu of many powerful ninjas.

An important gesture in many technologies, Mi is arguably the easiest gesture to perform. All a person has to do is bring their outstretched hands vertically and intertwine their fingers as if praying.

TORA (Tiger)

Naruto kept his arms horizontal while interlaced and raised his index and middle fingers in a tiger pose

Finally, Tora is based on the Chinese Zodiac Tiger. It is the necessary premise to release Fire and Earth. Tora is definitely the coolest, albeit one of the most direct gestures ever. It is often used by Sasuke in his clan’s signature fire ninjutsu.

Performing Tora is easy for ninjas. They put their hands together, their fingers interlaced, as in prayer, but with their forearms horizontal. From there, just lift your left and right index and middle fingers and bring them together. Don’t forget to take a deep breath at that fireball!

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