Every Will Seed Location in Persona 5 Royal (All Palaces)

With a recent release on PC and other platforms, Persona 5 Royal allows players to search every Palace for all Will Seed locations.

In addition to the new palace, new semester and new role, character 5 royal It also introduces a new collection of over 100 hours of original game content: Seeds of Will, which players must find hidden in each Palace. Players must balance their time with various events and piece together the story as Phantom Thieves travel across the super universe to defeat monsters and bring corrupt adults from the outside world to justice. . Along the way, in almost every palace, three Seeds of Will will be placed in secret rooms, waiting to be given to the Joker and his party participants as a reward.

Each Ray will have three Seeds of Will: one red, one green, and one blue. The only exception to this rule is the eighth ray, which does not contain any seeds of will, to provide character 5 RoyalNinth house and third term, new character 5 royal compared to the original. Once all three Seeds of Will are collected in one location, they can be combined and exchanged for powerful accessories that can enhance the Joker and his party or give them abilities. new to use in battle. In addition, finding collectibles also benefits the player by restoring a small amount of SP when picked up. Picking up the red and green beads is just about finding the respective chamber, while the blue wills are always guarded by a mid-range boss, which is hard to defeat; Players should be prepared to attack them with illness and technical ability when possible. Finding these collectibles can be difficult, but they’re also made easier with Mona’s occasional hint and the ability to purchase lost seeds from José’s shop in Souvenirs.

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Kamoshida Palace (Lust) will sow the seeds

numbersbead colorLocationdrill
firstRedEast annex building: left corridorLeave the chapel/gym and go down the hallway. Find the goat head on the left, follow the path leading to the balcony and use the grappling hook.
2greenCentral tower: roofLook up at the tower entrance, use the grappling hook to climb to the roof and cross the bridge again. Next, zoom in on the tower, go into the open window, go through the vent, then go up and use grapple to get to another open window.
3blueCentral tower: Underground sewerUse the elevator to go downstairs, walk down to the Kamoshida portrait and go through it. Head northwest to activate the device, then return to the portrait to fight the boss.unlock character 5The showtime attack can help here.

Madarame Palace (Vanity) Will Seeds

numbersbead colorLocationdrill
firstRedSecond gallery: hide the left areaClose the electric door and go up to the second floor balcony. Go up and use the grappling hook. Follow the path down.
2greenTreasure Gallery: East Corridor Closed AreaBy drawing, go down to the next area. Go to the right of the locked door, use grapple, press the switch and go back to the door.
3blueMain lobby: the upper left hidden roomThrough the vent, use the grappling hook to cross the balcony. Then, go through another vent and open the door on the right.

Seeds of gluttony will

numbersbead colorLocationdrill
firstRedBanker’s Corridor: East CorridorGo to the right of the stairs and follow the corridor to the east. Go up and use the grappling hook.
2greenMoney Laundering Office: Qianchi North PlatformUse the vent to get to the ledge, go down, move to the right platform and use the grappling hook to get to the second room of the palace.
3blueUnderground Tunnel: North of the inner floorsBefore entering the elevator, use the switch to move the door and enter the innermost ring. go upstair.
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Futaba Palace (Wrath) Seed of Will

numbersbead colorLocationdrill
firstRedDenial Room: ExitBreak the wall, then go right to find a room with a chest. Jump onto the right sarcophagus and follow the path.
2greenSin Room: East GateComplete the puzzle using the codes R01100 and B10011, then enter the doorway on the right.
3blueSanctuary: statues and wooden bridgeGo through the floating platform to the next room and kick the planks. Cross the bridge and use the grappling hook.

Seed of Will Okumuranomiya (Greed)

Players will be able to character 5 royalOkumura’s Palace.

numbersbead colorLocationdrill
firstRedFacility Access: Space StationGo through the loop until you have a chance to use the grappling hook, then continue to the end of the path.
2greenExit: Space BaseGo to the right side of the safe room and follow the ramp up until the ability to use the grappling hook appears. After that, climb up the pipe and continue through the vent.
3blueTransmission line: Central factoryUse two alpha gas keys first, then gamma.

Niijima Palace (Envy) Will Sow the Seeds

numbersbead colorLocationdrill
firstRedEmployee Exclusive Area: Adjacent to the Corridor Security RoomAfter obtaining the first security key, go to the southern part of the map. Jump over obstacles and open locked doors.
2greenGambling room: Left corridorGo left through the hallway, then up the stairs. Find stacked paper boxes to climb and use Joker’s new grappling.
3blueHigh Restriction Lobby: Left side of Security RoomGo left outside the safe, jump on the pedestal and use the grappling hook to get to the roof. into the vent.

Seed of Will Shidonomiya (Pride)

numbersbead colorLocationdrill
firstRedThe starboard middle corridor: right of the guard roomEnter the room to the right of the safe room and go through the door on the north side. Go up the stairs to find the balcony. Find the mouse switch, turn it off, and use the grappling hook to get through the vent.
2greenHarbor side: lower deck approachPress the switch again. Go to the top right corner of the map, turn into a mouse and go through the vent.
3blueSide deck: Passenger shipGet ready for the little boss of the blue seed. Go to the right side of the safe room, go up to the platform near the “Ark of Elites” sign and use the Grapple Hook. Jump over the wall and continue down the path.
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Maruki Palace (Melancholy) Will Seeds

numbersbead colorLocationdrill
firstRedLaboratory Supervision Department: Northern DistrictHead north up a set of stairs, enter the vent behind the treasure chest, and hop over the platform.
2greenLaboratory: Research Area Safety RoomTake the stairs near the second surveillance room, then turn right. Look for a grappling hook opportunity, then head into the vent. Find the broken window, break it and follow the path.
3blueTwilight Saga: Level 2leave this character 5 royal In the safe room, go downstairs, turn off the red switch and cross the blue bridge. Cross the two blue bridges to the north, then turn right across the green bridge. Turn off the blue switch and turn on the red switch. Go south over the green bridge, then over the red bridge, then west over the red bridge. Turn off the green switch and turn on the blue switch, then go back to the first red bridge. Jump south, cross the green bridge, turn on the green light and cross the red bridge. Turn off the red light and follow the path.

With the latest release on PC via Steam, players can return to the Metaverse and experience the added challenge of collecting each Willow Seed in the Palace. character 5 royal.

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