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The first trailer for Paramount’s horror-thriller is out, SmileHere’s everything we know about the horror movie. Socie Bacon stars in the film about a doctor who is faced with a new supernatural threat that forces all victims to do one thing: smile. In the already packed late summer release schedule, the film may not be a huge hit, but there’s still plenty to enjoy. Smile.

Smile is an upcoming 2022 horror film starring Sosie Bacon, Jesse T. Usher, Kal Penn, etc. The film follows Doctor Ross Cotter (Bacon), who must unravel the mystery of a relationship paranormal threat following a traumatic interaction with a patient. Smile Directed and written by director Park Finn’s directorial debut, the film is based on his short film. Laura is still awake. Although the first trailer has just been released, the audience does not have much time to speculate about the mysteries in the film, because Smile Coming to theaters.

SmileTrailer 40 seconds previously released Top Gun: Maverick in the house And hide the details of its seemingly macabre story. However, since SmileThe first trailer has been officially released and the excellent cast, thrilling plot and other content of the film have been better understood. Here’s What We Know About Paramount’s New Horror Movie, Smile.

smile casting

SmileThe cast may not be all A-listers, but there’s still some real talent.movie star Easttown’s mareSosie Bacon plays Dr. Rose Cotter, a doctor trying to stop the mischievous entity. The rest SmileThe cast has also been confirmed, but the producers have yet to name their characters and very few details are known about their roles in the story. Rob Morgan, who plays Turk in the MCU’s Netflix show, plays a prisoner who sees a supernatural entity but miraculously survives. Jessie T. Usher, for boyscan be seen in the trailer, but details about his role are scant at the moment. Smile There are also actors like Kal Penn, Judy Reyes and Caitlin Stasey, many of whom are known for their roles in very popular recent TV shows.

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Detail Smile Story

Horror Movie Trailer Smile

After one of Dr. Cotter’s patients saw a supernatural entity, she grinned and charged in, erupting in traumatic violence. In the process of dealing with the loss of a patient, Cotter realized that other similar cases were occurring, which prompted her to investigate them. Cotter eventually determined that patients would grin after seeing the entity for several days, and quickly realized that pursuing the case was putting her life in jeopardy. Soon after, she finds a man who has encountered a ghost, but somehow he’s still alive, which makes Kurt wish she could take down the monster. SmileThe monster acts like ring/Lam CongSamara Morgan, Smile It’s sure to give a unique twist to its grinning ghouls.

smile release date

Smiling patient in 2022.

In spite of SmileThe first trailer and trailer were released in May and June 2022, respectively, and the film’s release date is not far off. Smile In theaters only September 30, 2022, with a likely online release in the next few months.

smile trailer

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