Exhibit Tech Voting 2023, How to Vote Exhibit Tech 2023?

Participate in Exhibit Tech Voting 2023 and cast your vote for the best in tech and lifestyle!
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Exhibit Tech Wiki

In May 2005, Ramesh Somani founded Exhibit Magazine in Kolkata, later shifting its headquarters to Mumbai. Today, Exhibit has become a highly respected name in the Tech and Lifestyle Media world with its compelling tagline, “Where Tech meets Lifestyle,” serving as the essence of all its endeavors.

In 2020, Exhibit Group made a significant move by acquiring BBC TopGear for the Indian territory, solidifying its position as a major player in the motoring industry. BBC TopGear needs no introduction, being the world’s most creative motoring magazine, delivering top-notch editorial and commercial content to a global audience of motoring enthusiasts.

Exhibit thrives in both print and digital realms. With over 5 lakh monthly readers, the print edition continues to reach a substantial audience. In the digital sphere, they engage their readers through various platforms such as social media, events, IPs, and video formats. Be it covering CES Las Vegas or hosting their Tech Fashion Tour, Exhibit is dedicated to deciphering the future of technology and lifestyle trends.

Exhibit Tech Voting 2023 




Fashion Influencer Of The Year


Emerging Fashion Influencer Of The Year


Lifestyle Influencer Of The Year


Stunner Of The Year


Travel Influencer Of The Year


Sustainability Influencer Of The Year


Makeup/Beauty Influencer Of The Year


Health & Wellness Influencer Of The Year


Fitness Influencer Of The Year


Finance Influencer Of The Year


Dancing Sensation Of The Year


Music Sensation Of The Year


Luxury Influencer Of The Year


Food Influencer Of The Year


Tech Influencer Of The Year


Gamer Of The Year


Budding Influencer Of The Year


Inspirational Voice Of The Year


Petrolhead Influencer Of The Year


Entrepreneur Influencer Of The Year


Body Positivity Influencer Of The Year


Trendsetter Influencer Of The Year


YouTuber Of The Year


Vlogger Of The Year


InfluencEX Influencer Of The Year


Entertaining Creator Of The Year


Comic Influencer Of The Year


LGBTQIA+ Inspiration Of The Year


Couple Influencer Of The Year


OTT Star Influencer Of The Year


LinkedIn Influencer Of The Year


Impactful Influencer Of The Year

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How to Vote Exhibit Tech 2023?

To vote for Exhibit Tech 2023, you will need to follow the instructions provided by Exhibit Magazine through their official channels, which may include their website, social media platforms, or any other voting mechanisms they have set up. Here are general steps you can take:

  • Visit the Exhibit Magazine website or their designated voting page for Exhibit Tech 2023.
  • Look for the voting section or link related to Exhibit Tech 2023. It may be prominently displayed on their homepage or under a specific category.
  • Once you find the voting section, you may be required to log in or create an account on their website to ensure fair and authentic voting.
  • Follow the instructions to cast your vote. This may involve selecting your choices from the nominees listed under different categories related to tech and lifestyle.
  • Some voting systems may allow you to vote only once, while others may permit multiple votes for different categories or nominees. Follow the guidelines provided by Exhibit Magazine to ensure your votes are valid.
  • After completing the voting process, you may receive a confirmation or a thank-you message.
  • Make sure to check the voting deadlines to ensure your votes are submitted on time.

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