Fans are saying the same thing about Suranne Jones’ emotional new drama Maryland

Maryland kicks off Monday night on ITV1 with an all-star lineup that includes Suranne Jones, Eve Best and Stockard Channing. The three-part series, now available to watch in its entirety on ITVX, follows sisters Becca and Roseline to the Isle of Man following the sudden death of their mother.

Arriving in a place they’ve never been while grappling with grief, the two sisters work hard to rebuild their relationship and get to the bottom of what really happened.

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The first episode clearly captivated viewers, as many on social media gave their verdict and seemed to agree that Suranne gave a stellar performance.

One person wrote: “I love nothing more than to see an artist destroy their work! Suranne Jones is one of the most honest people who always amazes me #Maryland.” Another agreed, tweeting: “Prefer to see Suranne in a vulnerable role! We all know her kicking a strong woman… I’m fine from now on #Maryland.”

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Eve and Suranne as sisters Becca and Rosaline

The third repeated that, but also praised the entire cast: “Really enjoyed #Maryland. Excellent performance by Suranna Jones and Eva Best. Loved the mystery of it all – layer by layer. .”

The fourth added: “Watched the first episode of #Maryland…okay, I’m hooked… what a great cast and production. I’m intrigued and will probably drink a lot much!! Excellent movie!” a fifth commented: “Wow Suranne delivers. I don’t know what this story means for her #Maryland.”

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Maryland on ITV© Eoin HollandMaryland on ITV

Suranne and Eve go to the Isle of Man to visit their father, Richard (George Costigan), after their mother’s body is unexpectedly discovered. The sisters, who are somewhat distant, don’t know why their mother was there or what happened, and they try to uncover the truth about death.

As the synopsis explains, they arrive in a place they’ve never been “and without knowing why their mother is there, the sisters set out to uncover the long-kept secrets of the woman they love. think they know, while keeping each other’s own secrets.”

Suranne Jones plays Becca in Maryland© Eoin HollandSuranne Jones plays Becca in Maryland

“Contained on an island and forced to face the consequences of their mother’s life-changing decisions, can Becca and Rosaline learn to love and respect each other again?”

Suranne, who not only starred in the series but also helped create it, recently spoke about how the story connects to her own grieving experience after losing both parents.

Rosaline and Becca in MarylandRosaline and Becca in Maryland

In an interview with The Sun, she explained: “It’s no secret that I lost both parents, so obviously I know grief and it’s an important part of our conversations. me and what it does to someone.

“It’s either going to come or people have been through it, and this show doesn’t deal with that quickly, it deals with that in three episodes, stages of grief. There’s humor in that and It’s not an easy ride, simple. Don’t get a blueprint for how you’re going to feel.”

Suranna Jones as Becca© Bernard Walsh Suranne Jones as Becca

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Maryland is a three-part series on ITVMaryland is a three-part series on ITV

Stockard Channing as Cathy in MarylandStockard Channing as Cathy in Maryland

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