Fernando Colunga Was Haunted By Relationship And Gay Rumors

Fernando Colunga is a Mexican television actor best known for his roles in Mexican TV series, he is a very handsome and sweet guy. Over the years, his attractive demeanor, well-groomed personality and attractive figure have attracted a number of fans. Like any seemingly single actor, Colunga has been the target of speculation about his future marriage and sex. One such speculation is his romantic abilities [and maybe marriage] with actress Blanca Soto. This seems to be close to the truth as it has been reported by various sources over the years.

Colunga is hunted by gay rumors and relationships

Colunga, 55, is one of the most sought-after singles on Mexican television, which has led to many rumors. Edith Gonzalez, Bright Star, Thalia, Susana Gonzalez, Adela Noriega, Silvia Navarro, Gaby Spanic, Aracely Arambula and Blanca Soto. The above list claims that he is outspoken, but some speculate that Colunga may be gay.

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In 1995, an interrogator named Adolfo asked about Colunga’s sexual orientation. Gay… has anyone ever explicitly asked you about your sexual orientation? “Yes, no one asked me personally,” the actor said. Then he said, “Whether you ask me directly if I’m gay, I’ll tell you I’m not. I will definitely respond. If I were gay, I would definitely say so. Otherwise, I would refuse.” Colunga played it safe there, but homosexual suspicions about the actor persist to this day.

Blanca Soto is said to be his wife.

Colunga’s longest rumor is that he is dating actress Blanca Soto. The two appeared in the Mexican soap opera Porque el amor manda, sparking speculation about their relationship. Carmen Salinas, a famous actress, has gone so far as to confirm that they are also in a real-life relationship. Even years later, the allegations persist, giving him far more legitimacy than those involving other women. After Carmen Salinas announced that Soto and Colunga were a couple, writer Maxine Woodside pointed out that they even live together in Miami and that their relationship has been going on for a while.

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The allegations were further fueled after the pair were caught kissing in public after appearing together in Porque El Amor Manda in 2016. Colunga and Soto have been married since 2019, according to their IMDb filings. . However, none of them confirmed the marriage. Having said that, People magazine revealed in January 2020 that the actor is single, revealing why the actor remains unmarried. According to the article, in an interview with the program Un Nuevo Da, Colunga pointed out that he has extremely high values ​​when it comes to marriage.

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