FFXIV: Dohn Mheg Dungeon Guide (Unlock, Walkthrough, & Rewards)

Players progress through the main scenario missions Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringer They needed to survive their encounter with Fosse before fighting Titania. Unlike other dungeons throughout the main storybearer of darknessDohn Mheg has some important final fantasy 14 These mechanics can really confuse players who aren’t familiar with them. A careful understanding of these mechanics can help players get through the difficult parts of the dungeon with ease.

Dohn Mheg is the second dungeon FFXIV Shadowbringer It can be unlocked by completing the level 73 quest,”Castle key. “ This quest was received from Sul Uin, who can be found at X:14.3, Y:31.1 in Il Mheg. During this quest, the player will unlock the ability to use the quest finder or trust system to solve dungeons. FFXIV trust system published in bearer of darkness As a way for the player to experience dungeons with NPCs appearing in that part of the story. In addition, players must have equipment level 375 or higher to enter this dungeon.

After completing the Dohn Mheg . dungeon final fantasy 14, players can expect generous rewards. In addition to the great experience of completing dungeons, Dohn Mheg also rewards players with Voeburtite Armor and Fae Weapons. With the release the last pedestrian The expansion pack also now includes two new weapons: Reaper and Sage. In addition to armor and weapons, the last chest in a dungeon has a chance to drop a Minion Echevore or Dohn Trellis minion, an outdoor interior item that the player can use to decorate their shoppable exterior Surname final fantasy 14 House.

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Survive the crowds of Dohn Mheg in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringer

in most dungeons final fantasy 14For healers and tanks, replenishing before each boss fight is probably the most dangerous part of the fight. If the tank pulls all available enemies at once, the damage from those enemies can accumulate to the point where it can overwhelm the entire team’s abilities. Dohn Mheg increased this difficulty by using Dohnfast Fuath.

Dohnfast Fuath is a support mob in Dohn Mheg that strengthens allies and increases their damage. They can use their “Water Wheel” ability to bind nearby allies and buff them when they finish using it. Unfortunately, Dohnfast Fuath is immune to stuns, which means the only way to interrupt this cast is to have the tank use Interject while Fuath is on it, or let the long-range physical DPS use it. Use Head Graze. final fantasy 14 Tanks can actually help their healers by stopping the water wheel from completing.

Aside from Dohnfast Fuath, the Dohn Mheg dungeon is relatively simple. At any point in combat, tanks can usually draw two additional groups. Like all dungeons final fantasy 14players should use their large cooldown in Dohn Mheg to lure monsters instead of saving them for boss battles.

Dohn Mheg’s basic boss fighting mechanics in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringer

FFXIV Dohn Mheg Aenc Thon

The first boss in the Dhon Mheg dungeon is Aenc Thon, Lord of the Wandering Gaze. Aenc Thon’s tank killer is Candy Cane, a heavy hit that targets players with the highest levels of hostility. Aenc Thon can also use Hydrofall, placing AoE below two random players. In addition to these two standard attacks, Aenc Thon also used Laughing Leap to jump to the center of the arena, followed by Landsblood. Aenc Thon places multiple vortexes on the ground that grow and explode, dealing heavy damage and knocking any player hit into the air. This mechanism is for final fantasy 14 Healers in your party, as touching can make it harder to heal in time. An easy way to avoid this attack is to go into the center of the vortex immediately after the vortex explodes. Due to the mechanical properties, the center of the previous explosion is always safe for the next explosion.

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The dungeon’s second boss, Griaule, is much easier than the first, but defeating him requires the player to correctly complete one key mechanic. Griaule’s swipe is a big cone attack, so the tank needs to stay away from the rest of the party to face the boss. Griolet will also use Tim Beal in the fight, a light attack by all sides. The entangled ivy will root all players when used, placing vines underneath players that must be destroyed. The most important ability that Griaule will use is “Feed”. After transmitting the feed, the five tethers will connect to the Griaule from outside the arena, which will strengthen the tethered entity upon completion. Each player must place his or her character between one of these ropes and the boss. This will give each player a buff and the boss will only receive one of the 5 expected buffs.

The final boss is a rematch with the first boss and must be defeated if the player wants to continue defeating Titania. Now known as Aenc Thon, Fuath Lord of the Long Gait has several stages to deal with. The most important abilities in the early stages are Imp Choir and Toad Choir. In Imp Chorus, the player must turn his back on his character from the boss to avoid turning into an elf. Immediately after, the boss turned in one direction and used Choir of Toads. Toad Choir will turn the player in the cone in front of the boss into a Toad. Immediately after using these abilities, Ike Thorne will jump to one side of the room, knocking the player to the other side. A giant hole will cut the room in half, and the player needs to carefully cross a narrow and windy path to reach the boss. The player must destroy the summoned Liar’s Harp before it can complete its use of the epilogue.

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Killing the Lyre Swarm will cause the boss to enter the next stage, transforming into the Shadow of Terror. Shadow of Dread will use Corrosive Bile, a wide-range, channeled AoE attack where the player must move out of range. Bosses can also use the combined tentacles, slamming their tentacles into their sides as a straight AoE. Eventually, Aenc Thon will transform back into his Fuath form and repeat the first phase of the attack. Completing this battle will bring the player closer to completing the end of the story Final Fantasy XIV: The End GameRiver

final fantasy 14 Now available for PC, MacOS, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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