FFXIV New PvP Mode: Onsal Hakair (Danshig Naadam)

The release of patch 5.15 brought us a new frontline PvP map called Onsal Hakair (Danshig Naadam). PvP doesn’t get a lot of constant attention, so when new things like maps, rewards, or combat updates come out, you might want to take advantage of the increased activity to shorten the queue.

Here’s what you need to know about this new role, along with some observations I’ve made since day one of launch.

What does Onsal Hakair (Danshig Naadam) mean?

Onsal Hakair is the name of the mountainous area in the north of the Azim steppe inhabited by the Mol tribe. If you remember the main scenario questline of Stormblood, the Mol tribe triumphed at the Naadam Conference with the help of the Warrior of Light.

The Naadam is a battle that takes place during the Chinese New Year, and the winner will get the right to rule the grasslands until the next Naadam. However, since the steppe people are such fanatical fighters, it was decided to hold smaller and more frequent tournaments, called Danshig Naadam, to satisfy their fighting appetite.

Due to the relationship that the Steppe Horde and the Eorzea Alliance have built in Stormblood, the Great Lian of Eorzea has also been invited to participate, which is the story behind the new PvP Frontline map.

What new PvP mode is this? What is the OBJETIVE?

Onsal Hakair (Danshig Naadam) is very similar to Seal Rock (Seize), in that you and your alliance must fight to control specific points on the field, called “ovoos” in this mode. You get in range, interact with it, and channel for a few seconds to capture the ovoo for your team.

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Eggs come in three grades: B (blue triangles), A (red squares), and S (yellow pentagons). Areas in the middle of the map are more likely to be higher levels, while areas on the edges of the map closer to spawn points are more likely to be lower levels. Acquiring these high-level eggs is the key to earning a lot of points quickly, as they increase your team’s rating faster.

The big difference with Onsal Hakair is that you can’t control the other team’s ovoo. Once someone claims it, it awards points to that team for its duration. This means you can’t have your entire team sweep and reclaim sites claimed by other teams. It’s about getting there first.

It was common in Seal Rock to defend the important Stonehenge with most of the Alliance. However, with this new mode, instead of defending your ovoo, you will spend more time moving to block and harass other teams, or to prepare for the next ovoo activation. AoE attacks are very useful here, as you can interrupt multiple enemies interacting with ovoo at once.

After a while, fewer and fewer eggs will appear on the map at the same time, leading to more battles for control. Usually, there is an S rank in the middle of the map, and the three teams will fight for a few minutes. Crafty players will roam the map, ready to grab another ovoo while everyone else is distracted.

I would say this new map feels smaller. I think it could be a bit more crowded, but I also run more than Seal Rock, which adds to the feeling. On top of that, I was completely lost half the time because I still hadn’t recognized my surroundings.

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A new mode in roulette?

The new mode is Roulette. At least until now. Currently, Daily Challenges: Frontlines will only take you to Onsal Hakair (Danshig Naadam). However, if you want to queue outside of roulette, it looks like one of the other top-of-the-line modes is also available. Today is the first day after the patch, and I see Seal Rock (Capture) available in the PvP tab of the quest browser.

I think they will be bringing all the maps back to roulette soon and letting everyone experience the new map for a few weeks while doing Daily Challenges: Frontlines. I’m sure they’re looking for feedback on the new mode, so I might draw attention to it in the Q&A.

What can I get from Onsal Hakair? What is the reward?

You gain the common Poetics (50), Goetia (50), and Phantasmagoria (20) tomestones from this PvP role. You also get the normal 500 Wolf Marks if your team finishes third, 750 for second, and 1000 if they win.

If you manage to help your team win a lot on this map, you can get new achievements. After 100 victories, you will be rewarded with a Construct VII Core as a mount, and after 300 victories, you will be awarded the title “…The Battleforged”.

in conclusion

PvP is gaining ground once again with this new mode after a dip in recent weeks. If long lines for daily PvP matches bother you, you’ll be happy for a while. Well, as long as you like the new map, because that’s all you’ll ever see in Daily Challenges: Frontlines.

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You might get used to a slightly different pace of play, but stick with your allies and make sure you catch those ovoos first. Do you like this new map? Let me know what you think of the gameplay in the comments.

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