FFXIV: Shadowbringers Levequest Levelling Guide (Crafters)

Hey there, this is a guide to levelling your crafting jobs through Shadowbringers content primarily using levequests. This is a great way to powerlevel your jobs in a short period of time, and this crafting leve guide will list your best options from the Shadowbringers leves along with how many items you’ll need at each stage.

Just a quick reminder that you can craft the items yourself or just buy them from other players through the marketboard, but you are going to be accepting and turning them in at the Crystarium (10, 9) and using your leve allowances which refresh at a rate of 3 leves every 12 hours, up to holding a maximum of 100 at once. You can only accept up to 16 levequests at one time (but for tradecraft levequests you pretty much just accept and turn them in immediately).

If you’re only interested in the levequest tables, scroll down to where they are organized by job and facet (crafting, forging, and nourishing).

How to Read the Tables

In the tables below, you’ll find the number of HQ items of that type it will take to get to the next set of levequests, and there are two options for each set. For example, from level 70 starting at 0 experience, your carpenter will need 9 HQ White Oak Necklaces. You’ll turn these in using 3 leves (since it’s a multi-turn in), and you’ll have 320,504 experience still needed to get to level 72.

My recommendation in that case would be to do a single Crystarium Delivery, which will level you up, at which point you can look at the level 72 leves for that job. For each set I’ve only listed the multi leve and, of the two remaining leves, the one that gives the highest experience per item.

Note that I do not take into account any extra exp gained past each 2 level section, essentially assuming you start every 2 levels at a flat 0 exp (since I don’t know which leves you pick, or how much, if any, experience you’re getting from crafting. For this reason, for any of the higher levels (or even for level 70 if you’re not starting at 0 exp) your remaining exp will be different, so be aware of that.

As a result it may take fewer (but never more) items/leves/deliveries to get you to the next set of levequests, so compare the ‘remaining exp’ column with your current experience on your job to see if you should adjust how many items you will need.

Crystarium Deliveries

In addition to levequests, I strongly recommend making use of the Crystarium Deliveries at the Crystalline Mean in the Crystarium (11, 8), which essentially replace the job quests for Shadowbringers. These deliveries give tons of experience and yellow crafter scrips, so they are definitely worth it and you should use them. I’ll be recommending the use of these deliveries as supplements to fill in any small gaps in your experience bar while you level using levequests.

These deliveries are divided among the crafting jobs in three facets: crafting, forging, and nourishing. This means some jobs will be competing for the use of these resources. I’ll do my best to provide advice on which ones benefit the most from the experience, but it will vary depending on your actual experience values on each job. I’ll be assuming you’re levelling the jobs at a similar pace. Note that you can craft the delivery items on one job and turn them in on another job, as long as it’s the appropriate level for the delivery.

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Once you’ve unlocked the ability to turn in deliveries through your Facet’s storyline, you can find the recipes under Special Recipes -> Story -> Crystarium Deliveries. Unlike the Stormblood Class Quests, these recipes require tradeable raw materials that you have to obtain yourself. You should always deliver HQ items since these are one-time turn-ins, and the tables later in the guide will assume you are getting the exp reward for an HQ delivery.

LevelExp per DeliveryTotal Exp
70 Quest230 000
701 659 8659 959 190
732 333 14613 998 876
752 977 33217 865 992
75 Quest8 250 000
784 366 66626 199 996
80 Quest

Other Sources of Exp

This guide can be followed using only levequests and Crystarium Deliveries. However, if you come across a levequest item that is super expensive, or if you’re running low on leves or something, please remember that there are a couple of other sources of experience for your crafters that I’m not covering in this guide.

Custom Deliveries (which are different from Crystarium Deliveries) give experience, gil, and yellow scrips, and sometimes have bonus exp on them. You can do 12 per week, but this allowance is shared with your gatherers as well.

Your Grand Company will also have daily supply missions that give experience and GC seals. Any that have a star next to them give bonus exp. Both these turn-ins can be found in your timers menu (Duty -> Timers).

Beast tribes do not exist yet for Shadowbringers, but there might be one in the future that will let you level your crafters, similarly to the Namazu from Stormblood or the Moogles from Heavensward. These will be very useful for catch-up levelling later, so I may update this guide when they are out.

Facet of Crafting (CRP, LTW, WVR)

Starting from 0 exp at level 70, these jobs have the most flexibility with how you use your Crystarium Deliveries, since their best leves at this level are pretty much the same. They also have some extremely efficient multi turn-ins (CRP 76, LTW 72/76/78) which can get you to the next leve checkpoint in just two leves.

If you’re going for multi leves in general, you’ll be giving a larger share of deliveries to LTW. During the gap between 74 and 78 where you only get one round of delivieries + the quest experience at level 75, I recommend giving the quest boost to either LTW or WVR.

At 78 make sure to do all your deliveries first so you can re-evaluate which jobs you can save on leves for. Weaver tends to be annoying to craft, so it is usually best to give it the bonus exp, but your marketboard may have cheaper prices on those turn-ins, so check it out.


LevelItem#HQ#LevesRemaining EXPRecommendation
70White Oak Necklace93320 5041 Delivery (70)
70White Oak Fishing Rod771 432 0081 Delivery (70)
72Applewood Cane733 580 1202 Delivery (73)
72Applewood Longbow/Spear771 942 6521 Delivery (73)
74White Ash Bracelet832 580 0161 Delivery (75)
74White Ash Grinding Wheel772 580 0081 Delivery (75)
76Sandteak Longbow62896 6961 Delivery (75)
76Sandteak Rod773 310 0282 Delivery (75)
78Lignum Vitae Earrings155221 4501 Delivery (78)
78Dwarven Lignum Cane774 900 0202 Delivery (78)
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LevelItem#HQ#LevesRemaining EXPRecommendation
70Smilodonskin Wristband933 048 8002 Delivery (70)
70Smilodonskin Trousers of Maiming771 432 0081 Delivery (70)
72Gliderskin Boots of Casting623 580 1162 Delivery (73)
72Gliderskin Breeches of Fending771 942 6521 Delivery (73)
74Atrociraptor Necklace of Aiming936 530 0543 Delivery (75) OR 75 Quest
74Atrociraptor Headgear of Scouting772 580 0501 Delivery (75)
76Zonureskin Fingerless Gloves of Aiming627 994 7443 Delivery (75) OR 75 Quest
76Zonureskin Coat of Maiming446 291 2162 Delivery (75) OR 75 Quest
78Swallowskin Shoes of Healing6211 450 0243 Delivery (78)
78Swallowskin Jacket of Scouting55221 4501 Delivery (78)


LevelItem#HQ#LevesRemaining EXPRecommendation
70Brightlinen Turban of Crafting93720 6801 Delivery (70)
70Brightlinen Bottoms of Striking771 432 0081 Delivery (70)
72Iridescent Hat of Healing931 942 6261 Delivery (73)
72Iridescent Acton of Aiming/Bottoms of Scouting771 942 6521 Delivery (73)
74Pixie Cotton Sleeves of Crafting931 451 4801 Delivery (75)
74Pixie Cotton Hat of Striking772 580 0501 Delivery (75)
76Ovim Wool Turban of Gathering114896 6961 Delivery (75) OR extra HQ (free leve)
76Ovim Wool Tunic of Aiming448 941 13675 Quest OR extra HQ
78Dwarven Cotton Petasos of Healing832 348 0801 Delivery (78)
78Dwarven Cotton Gaskins of Fending5510 854 5703 Delivery (78)

Facet of Forging (BSM, ARM, GSM)

These three jobs don’t have as great multi leves as the last group unfortunately, but their other options are…worse. So they’re still the best. For example, the 74 BSM multi leve is the best per leve AND (tied for) best per item. Same with the 76 ARM and 78 GSM turn-ins.

At level 75 the quest experience has no obvious job to give it to. Your actual exp values will probably be different from the tables below, so just try to make use of it to save yourself a leve or some expensive items. There are no real delivery hogs like LTW throughout most of the levelling.

One thing to watch for is at level 78 ARM has an extremely high exp reward on the Dwarven Mythril Chainmail of Fending, so you may be able to finish that job off with a small number of leves AND items. The chainmail might be expensive on your marketboard, so consider throwing ARM more deliveries at that level if you have to.


LevelItem#HQ#LevesRemaining EXPRecommendation
70Deepgold Sledgehammer932 321 2222 Delivery (70)
70Deepgold Gunblade771 432 0081 Delivery (70)
72Deepgold Sword931 474 8061 Delivery (73)
72Deepgold Axe662 176 5721 Delivery (73)
74Bluespirit Scythe628 222 8643 Delivery (75) OR 75 Quest
74Bluespirit Halfheart Saw772 580 0081 Delivery (75)
76Titanbronze Culinary Knife936 600 9683 Delivery (75) OR 75 Quest
76Titanbronze Chakrams662 651 8881 Delivery (75)
78Dwarven Mythril FIle1863 028 5921 Delivery (78)
78Dwarven Mythril Pistol/Uchigatana774 900 0202 Delivery (78)


LevelItem#HQ#LevesRemaining EXPRecommendation
70Deepgold Helm of Fending831 432 0161 Delivery (70)
70Deepgold Rail Frypan771 432 0081 Delivery (70)
72Deepgold Gloves of Fending93112 5301 Delivery (73)
72Deepgold Surcoat of Maiming771 942 6521 Delivery (73)
74Bluespirit Alembic931 451 4801 Delivery (75)
74Bluespirit Headgear of Casting772 580 0501 Delivery (75)
76Titanbronze Tassets of Striking732 410 0421 Delivery (75)
76Titanbronze Tower Shield772 410 0421 Delivery (75)
78Dwarven Mythril Plate Belt of Casting738 752 9602 Delivery (78)
78Dwarven Mythril Chainmail of Fending3317 559 6805 Delivery (78)
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LevelItem#HQ#LevesRemaining EXPRecommendation
70Hematite Earrings of Healing934 988 8763 Delivery (70)
70Stonegold Needle771 432 0081 Delivery (70)
72Diaspore Bracelet of Slaying934 164 9062 Delivery (73)
72Stonegold Rapier771 942 6241 Delivery (73)
74Manasilver Choker936 530 0543 Delivery (75) OR 75 Quest
74Bluespirit Rod772 580 0501 Delivery (75)
76Triplite Earrings of Casting832 505 5841 Delivery (75) OR extra HQ (free leve)
76Titanbronze Star Globe773 310 0282 Delivery (75) OR extra NQ
78Petalite Bracelet of Fending734 900 020Extra HQ (free leve)
78Petalite Choker of Healing/Dwarven Mythril Rapier774 900 0202 Delivery (78)

Facet of Nourishing (ALC, CUL)

These jobs get the biggest shares of Crystarium Deliveries since there are only two of them, compared to the other facets’ three. If you’re starting flat at level 70, go for the multi-turn in items (smilodonskin codex and purple carrot juice), and do a 1-5 split for ALC/CUL on your deliveries. Super easy!

At level 72, broad bean soup and spaghetti al nero take the same number of leves to complete, but since the soup gives slightly less exp, you might need an extra Crystarium Delivery to make up the difference. As always, you have breathing room on the deliveries since ALC doesn’t need to use up all of them.

Between levels 74 and 78 you only get to divide up 6 deliveries and one big chunk of quest experience. The most leve-efficient way to do it is with all the multi-turn ins, and giving a single delivery to ALC, then the rest + quest exp to CUL. You may have to buy an extra 3 commanding craftsman’s syrups, but they fit in the same multi leve for free.

At 78 be sure to use up all your deliveries first, then use leves as appropriate for your missing exp. Make sure to check the marketboard prices for the CUL ones; You only save a single leve with the multi-turn in, so it may not be worth the gil buying all those extra items.


LevelItem#HQ#LevesRemaining EXPRecommendation
70Smilodonskin Codex731 432 0081 Delivery (70)
70Smilodonskin Grimoire771 432 0081 Delivery (70)
72Superior Spiritbond Potion2734 818 5403 Delivery (73)
72Gliderskin Grimoire771 942 6521 Delivery (73)
74Competent Craftsman’s Syrup1821 451 4801 Delivery (75)
74Bluespirit Codex772 580 0501 Delivery (75)
76Commanding Craftsman’s Syrup2135 690 0603 extra HQ (free leve)
76Zonureskin Grimoire773 310 0282 Delivery (75)
78Tincture of Mind2433 028 5921 Delivery (78)
78Dwarven Mythril Codex774 900 0202 Delivery (78)


LevelItem#HQ#LevesRemaining EXPRecommendation
70Purple Carrot Juice2738 037 6085 Delivery (70)
70Grilled Rail2171 432 0081 Delivery (70)
72Caramels5463 053 7842 Delivery (73)
72Broad Bean Soup/Spaghetti al Nero2171 942 6241 Delivery (73)
74Blood Tomato Juice2738 222 8644 Delivery (75)
74Mushroom Saute2172 580 0501 Delivery (75)
76Masala Chai18210 550 00075 Quest + Delivery OR 6 extra HQ
76Peppered Popotoes1861 862 0001 Delivery (75)
78Coffee Biscuit455221 4801 Delivery (78)
78Paella1867 239 3322 Delivery (78)


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