Fifteen-Love viewers saying same thing about new Aidan Turner tennis drama

Prime Video’s new tennis drama, Fifteen Loves, hit the streaming platform last week, and viewers wasted no time getting caught up in the new series.

The suspenseful film is set in the risky world of elite tennis and follows rising star and sports prodigy Justine Pearce. [Ella Lily Hyland]His career was cut short after a serious injury.

WATCH: Aidan Turner stars in Fifteen Loves

Years later, Justice brought serious charges against her former tennis coach, Glenn Lapthorne. [Aidan Turner], she reached the semi-finals of the Solution Open . After Justine’s statement, people were forced to question what they knew about the couple’s success.

Viewers of the film were extremely positive about the film after its release and took to Twitter to praise the compelling film. One person wrote: “Not sure if this series will be shown outside the UK but I hope so because #FifteenLove deserves more attention! Great acting and a very real story. A young woman accusing her former tennis coach of sexual abuse; who do we believe?”

© Amazon Prime VideoAidan Turner to star in new series

Another tweeted: “It’s rare for a TV show to make me want to stop what I’m doing to watch every second but #FifteenLove on @primevideouk is amazing. Yesterday I was going to sit down and watch ten minutes but now it’s episode 5 and I can’t turn it off. [Applause emoji] to all involved,” while another added: “I feel like I shouldn’t enjoy #FifteenLove as much as I do now! I’m not even a tennis fan! Soap, flashy, tense and starring Ella Lily Hyland and beautiful Aidan Turner.”

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Another fan praised the timeliness of the film, writing: “Just finished watching #FifteenLove on @PrimeVideo about sexual assault in tennis. Great cast, powerful story. Felt very timely and important.”

Ella Lily Hyland in Fifteen LovesElla Lily Hyland as Justine in Fifteen Loves

Others applauded the performances of the two main actors Ella and Aidan. One fan tweeted: “@HylandLily is amazing in #fifteen-love on #AmazonPrime exposing SA’s insane complexity in sports with nuance and deep compassion”, while another wrote: “Watched episode 1 of Fifteen-Love and thought it would be a fun and engaging series. Ella Lily Hyland was excellent.” (as well as Aidan)

What is fifteen love?

Fifteen-Love follows 17-year-old tennis player Justine Pearce, who has made a huge leap in the world of Grand Slam tennis with the help of coach Glenn Lapthorn.

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However, after reaching the semi-finals of the French Open, a severe injury resulted in a broken wrist and ended her professional career.

Aidan Turner as Glenn Lapthorne in Fifteen Loves© Prime Video Viewers praised the dramatic drama

Five years later, Justine, now 22, works as a physiotherapist at her former tennis academy, Longwood. Although she appears to have recovered physically and mentally from her humiliating fall, she still makes explosive accusations against her former coach.

The synopsis continues: “Justine and Glenn’s battle to find out the truth about their past reaches new heights as both seek glory at the Grand Slam event of the year on grass, and the magnificent world of professional tennis is rocked by lies, deceit, and desperate attempts at control.

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Ella Lily Hyland as Justine in Fifteen Loves© Prime Video. All six episodes are available to stream on Prime Video

Considering the intense physical and emotional pressures of professional sport, Fifteen Loves is a thrilling and sensitive exploration of belief, power and obsession, and what can be lost when you go to great lengths to win.”

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