Final Fantasy XIV: Moonfire Faire Event Guide For 2022

Warriors of Light can look forward to final fantasy 14The annual Moonfire Faire, an event that celebrates the season with exciting festivals and unique rewards. This year’s event will begin on August 10, 2022 and run until August 26, 2022. If this year’s Moonfire Faire is the same as last year, players can expect a short quest sequence. final fantasy 14 It takes about 40 minutes to an hour to complete.

To begin, the Warriors of Light must talk to Mayaru Moyaru, a cheerful Lalafell that can be found upstairs in Limsa Lominsa at coordinates X:11.5, Y:13.8. This quest giver will appear on August 10, along with some Moonfire Faire decorations to help fans know more about the NPCs’ locations. He will provide the quest,”Give it to level‘, will provide an interesting and whimsical short story, possibly followed by FATE or something like that.

Similar to other seasonal limited time events final fantasy 14Featured missions will offer exclusive rewards, while post-mission content will be repeat events that can be completed with unique currencies. This currency can be brought to specific Moonfire Faire vendors and purchased at final fantasy 14includes emoji-style consumables that increase interactivity with other players.

How to participate in the Moonfire Faire event in FFXIV (2022)

The only requirement to participate in Moonfire Faire 2022 is to participate final fantasy 14. While the official website does not specify this information, it is likely that the player must be level 30 in the battle class, not the crafting or gathering class. Therefore, newcomers must ensure that they have met this requirement and unlock the ability to move between the three major cities. This feature is available for the first few hours of MSQ rebirth realm.

Moonfire Faire in 2022 final fantasy 14 There will be six exclusive items:

  • Bandana summer sunset
  • summer sunset beach cover
  • Summer sunset wrist torque
  • Summer sunset panties
  • Summer sunset sandals
  • Summer campfire party (outdoor arrangement)
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Clothing cosmetics will work differently on male and female characters final fantasy 14. For example, a male character wearing a beach jacket at a summer sunset will expose his chest and will have a gold necklace on his collar. On the other hand, women will have stylish bikini tops. Additionally, certain rewards from previous Moonfire Faire versions will be available for purchase through event providers, and the same coins earned through the event will be used for these items.

final fantasy 14 Available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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