Find 3 differences between two ships sailing on the sea in just 10 seconds

Nathaly Vizarreta 23.07.2023 19:30. m.

Are you a fan? visual challenge? I’m sure you know, and those who don’t! Yes, they are super interesting, and besides, they help us improve our focus and eyesight. Surprisingly, this fun activity has its advantages.

Last week, I shared challenges like ‘Do you have the best eyesight? Find a horse in 8 seconds’ or ‘Do you have 20/20 vision? Prove it with this challenge.’ On this occasion, we present one in which you must find 3 differences between pictures of ships sailing at sea in just 10 seconds. Test your skills and enjoy the challenge!

How to complete the visual challenge?

To be a champion in this visual challenge, the instructions are simple: take a close look at the two pictures we’ve provided and find three differences. Yes, there are only three, although not everyone can find them. But if you want extra excitement, why not try to solve it in maximum time? How to do it in 10 seconds? Start counting and if you can’t find the differences we’ll reveal them to you later!

a visually challenging image

VISION CHALLENGE | Find 3 differences between two ships sailing in the picture of the sea in a record time of 10 seconds. | YouTube

A solution to a visual challenge

If you succeeded, congratulations! Was it a tough challenge? Did it cost you your job? Or maybe you haven’t figured out all the differences yet… I won’t wait for you anymore, I’ll reveal them to you. The first difference between these images is in the wings of a seagull, the second in one of the waves of the sea and the third in the sails of a ship.

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CHALLENGE VISION CHALLENGE |  The three differences between the two images are the ones circled in red.CHALLENGE VISION CHALLENGE | The three differences between the two images are the ones circled in red.

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