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1. All super powers are available 2. All super weapons are available

Nuclear war in First Strike will make you feel like you can rule the world. It will cover a wide range of military operations around the world. You would be surprised at how self-destructive it is in the world. Fulfill your ambition through many dangerous and scary things. All it takes is a small combat station at the command base to get things done quickly. Change the world and make it work your way. No one has the right to control the order except people like you.

Copying something will definitely make it more accessible to us. Games like First Strike turned out to win the hearts of many players. It has also won several Game of the Year awards. You will be surprised by the simplicity but bring depth when playing. Dark perspectives are rendered on a detailed and personalized 3D model. Feel the power that real life cannot give us. Build a world where war will cover everything.

Download First Strike Mod – Create Global Nuclear War

Leaders are at a dead end of a global cold war. Please don’t let this go on any longer as it will lead to a recession. Challenging changes are needed to get the world back the way it was. So start your mission by controlling nuclear warhead. Target the country you need to destroy to remove the threat. It is possible to take it on a larger scale to destroy the entire world. Then witness the changes it makes to the entire planet. It may be inhumane, but we need to take the necessary actions and sacrifices for a better future.

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overall simulation

You will interact based on the overall view of the Earth in the vast universe. It can be said that you have a divine vision of everything in the world. The above will be the countries distributed just like in the real world. Just click on the countries and choose the action you want to take. The ordered nuclear missiles will be launched slowly to these countries over a short period of time. lead to the destruction of all these lands. Events will be recorded according to specific data for players to understand. See how things change from the absolute point of view of the ruler.

First Strike mod for free

Different game modes

Game Mode is an integral part of trying out new activities. First, Strike will give you the rules regarding each method you choose. For example, only the capital of the specified country can be destroyed. Expand your influence to neighboring countries at the allowed speed. Destructive weapon mods will allow you to wreak more havoc over time. Any mode provides two restrictions and one privilege. It also presents us with many important and interesting challenges. Being a dictator will inevitably face great difficulties.

First attack mod apk

multiplayer game

Not only fighting alone, players participating in First Strike can also fight with each other. Everything will follow the online form we are familiar with for a long time. People can communicate with each other through the chat channel provided by the game. Each side has its own strategy for expanding power and dominance. You can start war to compete for territory with each other. When the last player survives, he or she receives a prize. This is a survival battle that you need to work hard to complete. Don’t let others have a chance to destroy the future you’ve created.

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First Attack Mode for Android

need upgrade

To be effective, you need to start small. Arsenals are an important ability to increase military power. You will have the ability to expand your territory by conquering other countries. Don’t forget to maintain production to meet defense costs. You must also invest in a business in your home country. Everything will create strength for your country to develop and grow. Choose to cooperate or treat other countries as enemies. You will develop your own path with the First Strike mod.

Download First Strike MOD APK for Android (Unlocked)

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